BRPA Board

Cameron Arterton, [email protected], 202-489-9536

Vice President
Brandon Barniea, [email protected], 410-268-0372

Jay Green, [email protected], 410-295-1678

Kelsa McLaughlin, [email protected], 410-507-3231

Board Members
Jamie Buhl (Annapolis Cove), [email protected], 443-286-5174
Emily Cregan, [email protected], 703-400-9001

Gail Hulme, [email protected], 410-507-7311

Richard Jones, [email protected], 734-883-4163

Cheryl Lytle, [email protected], 410-263-6839

Tracy Patton [email protected], 505-350-3601

Bruce Reiter (Annapolis Cove/Website), [email protected], 410-216-9889

Jocelyn Williams (Annapolis Cove), [email protected], 410-280-0389

Salley Wood [email protected], 202-320-9866

Pool House Rentals
Cheryl Lytle [email protected], 410-263-6839

Swim Team
For info on the swim team, go to the website at

The BRPA is always looking for volunteer members from both Bay Ridge and Annapolis Cove to join the pool board. Duties include making and setting policy, rules, planning fundraiser’s, helping manage day-to-day activities and general oversight of pool management. If interested, contact the pool president.