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  • Anybody in earshot need bamboo? Planning a tiki bar? Know a needy panda family? Thinking about new ventures in flooring, paper manufacturing, bamboo beer? Startup fishing pole venture? The bamboo in the Bay Ridge lots behind my house is from 12 to 25 ft tall. I'll cut, if you carry. Some stalks are [...]
  • Photos by Patrick Winterschladen The great Pier Day rebuild project of 2014 is done and the water and electric are working beautifully! Thanks to all the many hard workers who came out and provided HOURS and HOURS of labor to get it done! Check out these photos of the project to see the shear sca[...]
  • What could be more festive? A cozy holiday gathering was held at the Bay Ridge clubhouse on a blustry, windy December afternoon--just as it has in Bay Ridge for so many decades. The kids enjoyed several craft activities including oyster shell ornament painting, sugar cone holiday trees and beaded ca[...]
  • There are endless reasons why we cherish our neighborhood, its surroundings and, most importantly, the people who call Bay Ridge home. Here are a few captured moments for you to enjoy! PICTURES SUBMITTED BY OUR RESIDENTS