Watercraft Registration for Bay Ridge Beaches and Boat Racks

General Policy

All watercraft (boards, kayaks, sailboats, etc.) that are left on the community beaches and boat
racks must be registered with the BRCA and have appropriate registration stickers.
Watercraft without current stickers are subject to removal from the beaches or boat racks.
Repatriating removed watercraft will be at the owner’s expense. Unreclaimed or abandoned
boats will be removed and disposed of.

It is highly recommended that registered watercraft on the beaches and in the racks be
removed for safe keeping during the winter months.

Beach Watercraft

Watercraft on the beaches must have a red sticker. The stickers are available to BRCA
members only. They cost $25/watercraft and are valid until January 1, 2019. Blue stickers are
no longer valid.

Pool Rack and Marina Rack Watercraft

Boat rack watercraft must have an additional separate sticker because of limited space. Boat
rack stickers are free of charge to BRCA members with a valid red beach boat sticker. Rack
stickers are issued on a first-come first-serve basis.

Annapolis Cove residents that have been grandfathered by the BRPA can obtain Pool Rack
stickers for $25 that are valid until January 1, 2019. These stickers do not allow the watercraft
to be kept on the community beaches.

How to Register Your Watercraft

Please complete the boat registration formΒ and email or drop off the application at the following address:

Mark Schultz
7 Barry Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: 410-279- 2832
Email: [email protected]

How to Recover Your Watercraft if it is Missing

If your watercraft is missing from the beach or boat rack, please contact Mark Schultz at the
above address.