Annapolis Cove Pool Membership

A. Annapolis Cove FAMILY Membership – The most popular choice.  There are many families in Annapolis Cove and a Family membership allows your children the ability to join the Marlin’s Swim Team, swim lessons, dive lessons and adults to take part in Master’s, Novice Master’s, Water Aerobics, etc. If you purchase a Family membership, you are allowed to list up to 6 family members for access to the pool, with 2 free guests per day. Members must be direct family members, but may include an Au Pair or a sponsored midshipman. You have full membership privileges to rent the clubhouse, and attend all BRPA-sponsored parties.

B. Annapolis Cove COUPLES Membership – This option is for two adults only. Maybe your children have moved on to college (or you booted them out!) and don’t use the pool any longer. As two adult members you would have full pool privileges to rent the clubhouse and attend BRPA-sponsored pool parties. A Couples membership will give access to Novice, Master’s, Water Aerobics and any pool functions.

C. Annapolis Cove SINGLE Membership – Available for an adult individual who wants to attend the pool. The Single Membership allows full pool privileges.

Once you’ve chosen your membership type you will need to make payment to the pool. All checks should be made payable to the BRPA (Bay Ridge Pool Association) by May 1st of each pool year. Checks should be mailed or dropped-off at the Bay Ridge Pool, 2 Herndon Ave., Annapolis, Md. 21403.
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