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  • I know. There's a lot going on right now. Lots of exclamation points, updates and calls to action. But! Its our high season and it doesn't last long. When we're sealed into hibernation with icy Nor'easters come February, we'll have all these happy, spirited memories to keep us warm. Let's bring o[...]
  • Parents & Swimmers! A note below from Brian, our awesome swim instructor: Dear Parents, I am pleased to be back as the as the Bay Ridge Community swim instructor for its fifth season. Registration for the Bay Ridge Community small group Swim Lessons sessions I - IV is now open. Space i[...]
  • Each individual requesting this exclusion must submit the request in writing to the Maryland Department of Agriculture and provide copies to the appropriate community association or city/town. The request must provide the address of the property to be excluded and must be signed by the owner(s) or l[...]
  • I think we’re all feeling it. Inspired. Optimistic. It’s like our sensibilities have been jump-started with the advent of spring and, moreover, the excitement from our event last week. When you think about it, what can be more inspiring than coming together to make things happen—collectively? Eve[...]
  • In anticipation of our Down By the Bay Auction & Dinner Dance, we've crafted a web miniseries chronicling the 100 year history of our pool. We started with the early years (1915-50s), journeyed through the 60s-80s, and now we're at the third and final installment: the late 90s.  After mor[...]
  • It's fascinating to think that just few decades ago, the scene at 2 Herndon Avenue was so vastly different than the place it is today. To set the stage a bit, in the 1960s & 1970s, our Chesapeake world was rapidly changing. Developments were going up all along the upper Bay--apartments, c[...]
  • It’s hard to believe—1999 marks the year our pool was opened. That’s 16 years of learning to swim. Friendships made. Birthdays celebrated. Races swum. Plans made. In short? Our pool has come to represent much more than a place to cool off—it’s where our communities’ spirits are truly nourished. [...]
  • That's the sound of awesomeness as we all pull together to pull off our 70th Jamboree this coming Saturday! And well, we really need to pull together. Like, um, pretty quickly, 'cuz there's also the sound of panic. We need help. Big time. We've got a little over 2 days to fill all these spots! Ju[...]
  • Once again, our community pulled off a fantastic 4th of July celebration!  It is one of the most unique 4th of July events in Annapolis, starting with a parade filled with amazing handcrafted floats, local fire trucks, our own Officer Mike Olds and a retired Naval Office Jay Green as our Grand Marsh[...]