June 28, 2005 – Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:13 PM at the Pool House. The meeting was chaired by the President, Carlene Cassidy. Board Members present included: Carlene Cassidy, Jeff Bach, Paul Behrends, Chris Burkhardt, Kurt Karsten, Elizabeth Taylor, and Doug Vaughters. A quorum was present to allow the board to transact business.

Minutes Approved:
Reading of the minutes for the April 26 Board Meeting was waived by a voice vote. The meeting minutes were approved.

Old Business: 
Membership Renewal Status – Carlene Cassidy discussed the progress on membership renewals. Points addressed included:
• We are continuing to get membership renewals.
• Preparation of ID Badges for members is progressing, although slower than desired. Carlene indicated that she will start preparing badges daily to work down the backlog.
• Elizabeth Taylor and Chris Burkhardt are continuing to audit the BRPA membership to ensure that all Bay Ridge Resident Regular members are current members of the BRCA.
• Carlene noted that an issue has arisen on membership for families which no longer reside in eligible communities. Although the Lusby family has moved out of Bay Ridge, it has been agreed that they will be able to maintain their pool membership only through this season. At the end of the season, they will be considered not eligible for continued membership.

PotLuck Parties – Chris Burkhardt discussed the potluck party held on 17 June 2005. Items discussed included:
• The potluck party was poorly attended. Entertainment for the evening was provided by Dave Glaser.
• There seemed to be little enthusiasm for the event. Discussion indicated that one of the problems might be the issue of attendees bringing food. As an alternative, it was suggested that the event be identified as a “Family Fun Night”. The pool association would provide primary food (pizza or hot dogs and hamburgers) and drink (beer and soft drinks). Consideration should be given to organizing games for the children.
• It was noted that Heather MacIntosh would be chairing the next party, scheduled for
• Jeff Bach moved that an expenditure by the Pool Association of not more than $350 be authorized to cover the cost of food and drink for the next Family Night party.
• It was agreed that the Pool Association would maintain accounts at Bay Ridge Wine and Sprits, and Wine Cellars of Annapolis for purchasing beer and wine. The intent is to shop for the lowest price. For the next party, it was agreed to buy case beer rather than a keg.

Pool Maintenance Issues – The board discussed several pool area maintenance issues. These included:
• Plumbing Repairs – Paul Behrends reported that the repair of toilets has been completed. Repairs to the damaged shower in the men’s rest room, and replacement of the handicap bar in the women’s rest room are on going.
• Umbrella Repairs – It was noted that several of the pool side umbrellas have had ribs broken by the umbrella being blown over while open. Kurt Karsten was asked to enlist the services of Bill Cable to evaluate the problem with the umbrellas. If they are being opened properly and still breaking, then it was proposed that they be returned to the store for refund.
• Parking Lot Gate Chain – It was noted that the parking lot gate chain was broken by a car driving into it. Apparently, one evening a car attempted to enter the parking lot without recognizing that the chain was up. When repaired, Carlene recommended putting reflectors on the chain to identify the chain when up at night.
• Signs – Carlene Cassidy noted that the parking lot sign is under construction. She has viewed the proof version, and noted changes needed to be made. The sign should be available in the near future.
• Fire Safety Inspection – Carlene Cassidy noted that slow progress is being made on correcting the deficiencies to the annual fire safety inspection.

• Party Rentals – The status of rentals was discussed by Elizabeth Taylor. Items addressed included:
• The transition of coordinator to Monica Mount has gone smoothly.
• It was noted that there are still some rentals starting before pool closing time. The issue was discussed. Board members have received some comments that an 8:00 PM start time for parties is too late; however, control of the space would be a problem if parties were scheduled during pool operating hours.

• Post Party Cleanliness – The issue of who cleans up of the pool house and vicinity after facility rentals was discussed. Items addressed included:
• Elizabeth Taylor noted that the second floor of the pool house had not been properly cleaned after the potluck party. She and Monica Mount cleaned the space themselves.
• The board agreed that it has been difficult to get users to clean up after parties adequately, and in a timely manner.
• The options available included raising the Cleaning Deposit and enforce withholding it if the spaces were not properly cleaned; or, hiring a cleaning service to clean after all rental events.
• While discussing the options available, concern was expressed that renters would object to a mandatory cleaning fee of about $75 (to cover the cost of a commercial firm). However, the consensus of the board appeared to be that the fee would probably not dissuade renters.

Future Projects – Future construction or improvement projects were discussed. These included:
• Boundary Fence – Kurt Karsten was tasked with establishing a task team to determine the cost of relocating the boundary fence closer to the boardwalk. This would increase the protected grounds around the pool.
• Steps to the Beach – Kevin Cline has agreed to handle the replacement of the steps from the boardwalk to the beach. It appears that work has not started on this project.

BRPA Adult Swim Group – Doug Vaughters discussed proposal to establish a Bay Ridge Adult Swim group. Items addressed included
• The group would meet twice a week for the course of June and July. The schedule would be to swim Tuesdays and Thursdays, from7:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
• Since the third lifeguard goes off duty at 7:00 PM, the Adult Swim Group has agreed to cover the extra cost of keeping the lifeguard on duty until 8:30PM on Adult Swim nights.
• Doug Vaughters reviewed the draft Charter for the Adult Swim Group, which had been provided to the Board previously, by other means.
• Doug Vaughters moved that “The BRPA Board approve the Charter for the Adult Swim Group.” The motion was seconded by Jeff Bach, and passed with a voice vote.

New Business:
Pool Member Check In Procedures – The observed check in process for members using the pool was discussed. Items addressed included:
• It appears that the gate guards are not carefully enforcing the required check in procedures. The guard at the gate does not always appear to be attentive to his duties. Several non-members have been noted at the pool.
• Kurt Karsten recommended that the admission procedures be tightened. He proposed having the gate guard stamp the hand of members (and guests) on entering the pool area. This would allow the individual to go back to the parking lot, and then re-enter the pool area without having to show his pass.
• Carlene Cassidy noted that she will be meeting with Hernan Padilla (DRD), and will reiterate our concerns.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary