4th of July wrap: 2016!


That. Was. Amazing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.15.21 AMBefore we go into the fun details, let’s pause and thank our 4th hero: Meredith Howe. (Who will kill me for posting her picture; but in case you don’t know who she is…)

It takes a special kind of visionary, cool-under-fire, diplomatic leader to see it all through—and that’s you. Thank you! It was incredibly fun—right down the juicy end.

Isn’t it amazing that Grumps Cafe brings on the picnic every year? Hundreds of grilled goodies in all varieties—gratis. Let’s thank them by swinging on by sometime soon for some yummy home cooking.

And all the volunteers—the judges! The grillers, the set-up breakdown crew (in the pouring rain, no less) and all of you who manned the booths to keep this thing going. And Bill Cable—making it all so fun & memorable.

Think about it, we pulled off an event for hundreds of people, outside, with incredibly impressive floats and games; powered only by our volunteer efforts. Pretty cool, really.

What a parade.

Cannot get enough of this. Just cannot. Look who joined us this year!


You just can’t mess with classic.

I think this year, we can safely conclude this. The floats were awesome.

Winner of the Bay Ridge Cup… Bay Ridge Boardwalk!
Awesome, job guys: D’Camera, Martino, Jones, Martinez, Snowdon, Stanziale, Benitez, Coleman (image above)


  • Entering the Most Floats – Bay Ridge Musical: Ukulele Jam Band, & Team USA  – The Clifton Family
  • Best Throwback Float – Spirit of ’76: Edwards, Moring, Trumbauer, Rhines/Deale, Schablitsky/Neyland
  • Most Politically Correct – Just the Two of Us: The Burkes
  • Most Enthusiast Float – Chessie Returns: Bennett, Burke, Cashman, Gendell, Gonsalves, Patterson
  • Most Classic Float – 50’s in Bay Ridge: Howser Family
  • Best Dressed Float – Back in Day on the Dock of the Bay: Jaeger, Cregan, Dell’Oro, McKensie, Brant, Langlie, O’Hare, McLaughlin, Stangle
  • Most Inspirational Float – BR Salutes The Blues: Van de Kamp
  • Best Young Independent Float – BR Bikers: Julian, McCloy, Fallon, Ervin, Noguiera, Barniea
  • Best Movie Tribute – Dory Finds a Home: Josey, Cable, Mason
  • Best Hippie Float – Flower Power Bug: Bach
  • Best Tween Float – Basic in Bay Ridge: Porterfield, Jones, Coleman
  • Best Party Float – West Lake Reigns: Dennis and Crew
  • Deadliest Float – Shark Attack: Decatur & Friends
  • Fastest Executed Float – Surfer Golf Cart
  • Best “Big Red” Float – Big Red Truck Float

Raffle winner! Maggie Josey! She took home the winnings of the 50/50 raffle—half goes to BR, the rest to the winner!

Now. Onto the musical!

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