Welcome, new residents (and current)!



It’s hard to believe this website is 4 years old. That went fast. But, alas, 4 in digital years is a long time. So, we recently took a few steps to get things re-calibrated and secure. And fixed a few bugs along the way.

So! If you’re a new resident wanting to register for full-website access, read on, below. If you’re a current resident just wanting to be added (back) to the eblast list, email us at emailblast@bayridge.org and we’ll get you squared away.

New residents! Welcome! The first order of business is to register to join this website. There’s some great information here, not all of which should be public (a resident directory, community meeting information, photos, etc), so we require users to create an account (username/password) to access the “full site” content.

Once you register, our volunteer administrators approve your registration. We just need to ensure that the registrant does, in fact, live here. Then, once approved, we add your email address to the e-blast platform (MailChimp) and you’re on your way.

This website is running a bit slow, so be patient! A little primer as you head in:

  1. Go here and click “Join Now”.
  2. Fill out as much, or as little info as you’d like to share. You can also opt out of the digital directory (that is password protected) if you desire. A few fields are mandatory.
  3. Once you’ve submitted your information, you will get 2 emails from the system: 1) one from the ‘system’ and 2) some explanatory text to let you know you’re in the approval queue.
  4. Once we’ve validated your residency, we “approve” you and you get an email letting you know that you’re “in”.

To access the full website content, login with your new credentials. You’re logging in via WordPress, so you will see this screen below. Do not be confused! Simply click the little “house” icon in the top black bar. That will take you to the website. Browse away!


Also, there’s an online Facebook group that residents are welcome to join—more of a bulletin board, really—event reminders, buying/selling person stuff, referral queries, etc. Residents are welcomed to join this Bay Ridge Exchange—simply request to join and our volunteers will approve you as soon as possible.

If any of this is confusing, drop us an email at emailblast@bayridge.org and we’ll help you out!

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