Adopter Reporting

Oriental BittersweetCongratulations!

You are the proud adoptive parent to a gorgeous slice of the Bay Ridge Woods. Feels good, doesn’t it?  Large & small, coniferous & deciduous, these are now your trees to love and care for–and they really don’t need much. Just some vine liberation at least once a year.

Reporting in is really important. To report in, please at least just drop us a line at: [email protected] (via the handy link in your iPhone/smartphone app).   Or, for more thorough reporting, you can fill out the form below which has just a few required fields, and won’t take but a few minutes. We want to learn as we go–so lend your thoughts.  Thank you!

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    Date of Plot Maintenance (required)

    Which woods parcel is your plot in? (required)

    Plot Number (required)

    Total consolidated person-hours of plot maintenance on this date (required)

    Vine clipping: any concerns? Any issues? Anything that requires tools stronger than clippers to save your trees?

    Plot health: anything out of the ordinary? Excessive trash, tampering, etc?

    Any tips you'd like to share with fellow Warriors? What's working well?

    Any questions you'd like to ask of the AAP Leaders?

    Upload a picture you'd like to share (jpg, png, gif). If your file size is too big, feel free to also upload via the Bay Ridge Exchange & tag it #BRWoods. You can also email it to [email protected]

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