Who Can Join BRCA?

All Bay Ridge residents and property owners may join the BRCA. Thanks to all current members who pay dues and volunteer their time and energy as officers, committee chairs and representatives, the BRCA does many wonderful things for our community.

From putting on fun festivities to maintaining our common grounds and beaches, the BRCA is dedicated to preserving our treasured community. And we can always use more help.

Why You Should Join.

BRCA’s dedicated efforts benefit all Bay Ridge residents and make Bay Ridge the special community it is. But only BRCA members can enjoy certain privileges, such as:

  • Renting slips at the marina and using the boat ramp
  • Renting the marina clubhouse and pool house
  • Voting for officers and bylaw changes
  • Joining the pool
  • Receiving the official Resident Directory
  • Getting car decals

How To Join!

Annual dues collection begins in January.  Designated return envelopes are distributed to all households; however, it is not necessary to use the designated mailer.  At any time, you can drop off your dues payment to the Membership Chairperson listed below.

Members are also encouraged to consider making additional contributions to help pay for the many activities of the Bay Ridge Civic Association. You may designate the contributions for specific purposes, such as the Forest Management Committee or Commons Committee, or have the money go to the BRCA general fund.

Please submit a check for $250 payable to BRCA to:

Membership Chair
Cheryl Lytle, 78 Farragut Road

Your annual membership dues go a long way! As fellow residents and stewards of this wonderful community, please join in supporting our way of life in Bay Ridge.

Membership Stickers! How to get your own…

BRCA has been offering car bumper stickers to members of BRCA for at least 25-35 years. These stickers are free as a way to say thank you for being a BRCA Member. They are available by calling Cheryl Lytle, our Membership Chairperson. Pay your dues and request one or both, shown above!