The Bay Ridge Civic Association

Since 1927, The Bay Ridge Civic Association’s (BRCA) mission has been to:

  • Protect the general interests of all Bay Ridge residents and property owners
  • Maintain the community’s grounds
  • Improve quality of life for our treasured community and surrounding areas

Monthly Meetings

BRCA holds monthly membership meetings at 8 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in the marina clubhouse at 80 East Lake Drive to discuss topical issues and make decisions that affect the entire neighborhood. Meetings are open to all residents, but only members can vote on issues presented.

The Board of Directors meets on the last Tuesday of each month at the Clubhouse.


Dues-paying members elect board members to represent them and govern BRCA affairs. Board members serve for two-year terms. The Board of Directors meets on the last Tuesday of each month at the clubhouse.

Community Involvement

BRCA appoints representatives to related outside organizations and committees involved in zoning, developmental plans and other regional issues. The BRCA has also established two special tax districts:

  • The Special Community Benefit District—to provide for extra police protection and fund the long-term note on the purchase of the 100 acres of forest known as the Big Woods
  • The Special Erosion Control District—to pay for construction costs of stone breakwaters, jetties and bulkheading and to stabilize the bluff along the bay shoreline on Bay Drive to combat erosion in those areas
  • The BRCA Needs Your Help

    The BRCA does many wonderful things for our community, thanks to all the members who pay dues and volunteer their time and energy as officers, committee chairs and representatives.

    Please help us continue our efforts to maintain our community and provide the amenities that make Bay Ridge special by joining the BRCA, contributing your annual dues, and pitching in when you can.



    We invite you to attend and get involved in your community!