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Come spring, we’re all feeling pretty burnt—feeling the toll of today’s crazy schedules: sports, carpools, playdates, etc. Parents & kiddos alike need summer to relax, breathe, pause a moment from hectic lifestyles. And just, well, be.

This is where Bay Ridge Camp comes in. It’s the real deal. Many kids walk or ride their bikes to the marina to spend the day exploring the bay and neighborhood—and are encouraged to be, well, kids. Together. In real life.

And today? That’s kind of everything. Really.

From the wonderful camp volunteers (thank you all!):

Bay Ridge camp was established roughly 15 years ago and offers a traditional summer camp atmosphere. It takes advantage of all the wonderful amenities Bay Ridge has to offer.  Children, aged 4-11, will play organized games, do crafts, go to the beach, paddle board with Kate Grove, play at the pool, go crabbing but most importantly, build friendships for life!  Please see the important details below:

  • All campers arrive at the Bay Ridge marina clubhouse by 9am.  Campers should have sunscreen applied and extra sunscreen in their bag to re-apply later in the day. All campers will either be picked up at 12 or 3pm at the marina clubhouse.
  • Minnows (Age 4 / PreK) attend camp from 9-12pm. They should either wear or have a swimsuit in their bag, pack a lunch and beach towel and have a change of clothes.  They should also pack any goggles, flippers or swim aids that they are comfortable with at the pool/beach.
  • Urchins, Rockfish and Sea Dogs attend camp from 9-3pm.  They should either wear or have a swimsuit in their bag, pack a lunch and beach towel and have a change of clothes.
  • All Sea Dogs have the privilege of arriving and departing camp with a bicycle and helmet without parental supervision as long as the camper has been instructed by parent(s) on bicycle safety and has been granted permission by parent(s).
  • All campers will receive 1-2 SUP sessions with Kate Grove during their week at Bay Ridge camp.  Campers will need a life jacket on SUP days but campers will be notified in advance.  She will provide a separate information and release form.
  • Snacks and water will be provided by camp and all lunches will be refrigerated.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Christy O’Hare at 410-353-1712 or

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