Marina Waiting List

Updated May 1st, 2023

NOTE: Slips are assigned by matching dimensions of a vessel on the wait list to the dimensions of any slip that may come available.

NOTE: The vessel on the wait list with the highest priority that also matches the available slip dimension will be assigned that slip. Priority numbers provided below are for guidance only.

“A” Waiting List: Current slip holders, in good standing with BRCA, needing a larger (or smaller) slip to accommodate a newly acquired boat.

Request DateNameActionLengthBeamDraft
21-Mar-21Moore, Jennreplacement/reassignment of larger boat45155
01-Jul-22Skibo, AndrewReplacement39135
07-Oct-22Brune, RyanReplacement – offered C-3930104
16-Oct-22Julian, BradReplacement30135
25-Jan-23Jaeger, TimReplacement41144

“B” Waiting Lists, New Applicants

“B-1” – Full time Resident, 100% land owner, 100% boat owner

Request dateNameActionLengthBeamDraft
2-Jul-20Hanano, Elizabeth & NabilW/L for slip (no sublet unless larger slip)3394
22-Sep-20Lehman, Matt and AllisonW/L for slip no mooring or sublet 27103
3-Mar-21Gerdes, PhilW/L for slip no mooring or sublet 34113
12-Apr-21Holmes, DonaldW/L for slip – interested in sublet2793
26-Apr-21Shoemaker, PatrickW/L for slip needs one 17′ or wider. M41144
5-May-21Sweeney, MarkW/L for slip assigned M2 while waiting2393
18-May-21Hartke, JohnW/L for slip assigned M3 while waiting32104
21-Jul-21Beyrouty, Valerie and CraiW/L for slip – offered C57 for 2023 sublet93
21-Jan-22Boudreau, PeterW/L for slip assigned M7 while waiting4213.54.5
24-Mar-22Darnell, BrianW/L for slip – not interested in sublet37103
25-Apr-22Lefler, FrankW/L for slip – interested in sublet26103
20-May-22Smollen, SteveW/L for slip – interested in sublet2892
27-May-22Scanlon, JoeW/L for slip – offered C56 for 2023 sublet258.52
14-Jun-22McLaughlin, Reid & Kelsa W/L for slip assigned M1 while waiting298.52
10-Mar-23Alvarado, LawrenceW/L for Slip – offered B15 for 2023 sublet1772
25-Mar-23Farhadi, ArashW/L for Slip – assigned M8 while waiting1772

“B-2”, Full time resident, 100% land owner, <100% boat owner


“B-3”,Full time resident, renting, 100% boat owner

Request dateNameActionLengthBeamDraft
18-Apr-18Wehrmann, Richard1372
11-May-19Perez, Kahlil2193
1-Jun-20Aherne, David1973

“B-4”, Full time resident, renting,  less than 100% boat owner


“B-5”, Absentee Resident, 100% land owner, 100% boat owner


“B-6”,  Absentee Resident, 100% land owner,  less than 100% boat owner

Request dateNameActionLengthBeamDraft
24-Apr-03MacDonald, Alanw/l for slip/ Mooring – on M3 since 200542124.8

“B-7”, Current Slipholders with a second boat

NOTE: The new Rules were adopted on May 18, 2004, allowing second boats and creating the B-7 priority.

Request dateNameActionLengthBeamDraft
14-Jun-04Seiling, Bill1742
4-May-06Ruland, Mike166.52




M1 Mc Laughlin, Reid & Kelsi
M2Mark Sweeney
M3John Hartke
M4Alan MacDonald
M6 Roberts, Elliot
M8Peter Boudreau

Dingy Wait List


Winter Slip Requests

Alan MacDonald
Brad Julian

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