BRPA Board Meeting April 14, 2015 Summary Minutes

Members Present: Kurt Karsten, Bill Thomas, Renee Rubin, Tim Jaeger, Jay Green, Mary Snowdon, Bruce Reiter (swim team liaison), Kathleen Randolph, Tom Osborn

Kurt Karsten, as president, convened the meeting at 7:45 p.m.


Pool Repair Project:
Olympia Pool Plastering project ($67,500 contact plus $9,000 in water costs; total expense $76,500): Plastering and final coat was done Saturday by the Sub-contractor, even though the Contract called for water fill to occur immediately after plastering and water fill could not be done till Monday. Tom, Jay and Bill looked at the completed plastering on Sunday and did not like initial review of work. The entry steps were very uneven and a return near the steps was too elevated, among other things. Then, while they were there, cracks started appearing on the walls. Within a few hours, much of the deep end final coat had cracked and begun to peel. DRD provided a plastering expert to take a look and they agreed that project did not look good. Plaster (3/8s thick) not adhering to substrate “scratch coat”. Bill recommends tearing up the entire job and have them redo. They have agreed to remove the non-adhering plaster and are doing that, and are considering other options to propose. Several major concerns are at stake, including the fact that the Sub-Contractor does not know why the plaster didn’t adhere in many places to the scratch coat, and also, that areas where the plaster did adhere have not been properly hydrated immediately by re-filling the pool, and also, if repair is done as patchwork, there will be significant color variations in the final product and we will be stuck with that for another 15 years.

Motion to have Olympia re-plaster the entire pool. Motion approved by all members present.

Other Concerns discussed:
1. Should we have our own onsite project manager here during the project now that this issue has arisen? All members were in favor of having an outsourced project manager present when the job is being completed.
Should we bring DRD representative back in to review what is going on?
Should we review and negotiate the current warranty. May have to negotiate with Olympia to extend our warranty?

Pool Fundraiser:
“Down By The Bay” Fundraiser was a HUGE SUCCESS!! Estimated Results: gross revenue $61,000, total cost=$18,536, Total to date= $43,000. Mary S will send out the final results this week. There is still another $3,000 or so in revenue to be collected.

Great job to Bill and all those involved in this success for a huge success! Best one day fundraiser in Bay Ridge history!!

Treasurer’s Report:

Bay Ridge Pool Association CD accounts and Operating and reserve
accounts: $97,000 in checking, $61,000 in savings, $30,000 in Vanguard, $30,000 in CD Account.

Updating Pool Account signatories:

“RESOLVED, that Jay Green, as BRPA Treasurer, be made an authorized signatory on all Bay Ridge financial accounts at all banks, including PNC and Severn Savings.”

The motion was proposed, seconded, and passed unanimously, and the resolution was adopted.

A general discussion was held on the current financial position of the pool and the need for reviewing our assets and investments and reserve schedule as well as the timing of our known expenses. A CD is maturing soon and a decision needs to be made on whether to roll it over or invest in another instrument. The Board unanimously approved Kurt Karsten to discuss these issues with a financial planner and Kurt will reach out to several in the Bay Ridge Community.

Jay will be out of town from May 16th until 24th.

Please see attached financial updates from Jay.

Meredith Van De Kamp will update BR website and Jocelyn Williams will send out all communications to pool members. Holly Moring sends out BR email blasts. The Board discussed ways to improve and streamline communications-ask Jocelyn about who does the AC newsletter, email blasts, and Facebook.

There was general discussion about doing a printed Newsletter for just pool members during the season. Bruce will create a new mailing list for pool members with the idea of discussing with Highstar the mailing of a newsletter through US postal service to Annapolis Cove Members. Bruce will put a mailing list together and get it to Kurt.

Non_Community Swim Team Membership updates:
We have reached our quota for Non-resident Swim Team Members (membership is $1,300 for one season not including Swim Team fees): we have 25 confirmed. No more exceptions.

Aquatics Director update:
2 resumes received and one more interested. Kurt to contact the other interested candidates and check on other outreach efforts and then organize a meeting of the committee ASAP to discuss the selection process and the job expectations. Search Committee task force-Bruce R., Jeff Gilbert, Erin Jaeger, Dan Phelps, Kevin Cline, Robyn Clifton, Dave Gendell, Duncan Pickett, Morgan Wells, and Lee Shackelford. Set up to help find and choose the candidate for this post. Resumes are still being accepted. Job Description is attached.

Snack room/Vending Machine:
Bruce has 2 from vending machines from Fishing Creek. There was a brief discussion about how to solve the Snack Bar problem, without resolution. Kurt will post job in Newsletter.

April 19th Registration:
Bruce, Allison, Jay, Jocelyn, Meredith, and Renee from 1p -3pm. All membership information is on the BRPA. Please direct people with questions to this website and for registration. Swim team sign up and swim team committee will be here along with summer camp sign up that day. Bruce will have clipboards for sign up for clean up days. Registration forms will be sent from Bill to Kurt for review.

May 3rd and 9th Cleanup days announced in newsletter

May 23rd Opening Day and Opening Day Party announced in newsletter

Meeting adjourned at 9:48pm

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