Discover the Bay Ridge Woods and pick your plot!

For most of us, little is known about the beauty & mystery that reside within our glorious woods. Now’s your chance to find out. This is an overview map of the four available parcels of the Bay Ridge Woods–Highlands, Roads & Rails, Fern Gully & Lowlands. Give it a look!

Highland Roads&Rails FernGully


  1. by Mike and Tori Matton on February 14, 2019  5:15 pm

    Hello Fellow Woods team!
    If lot 88 is still available you can sign us up as it is right next to the plot we currently have (90). I have already worked part of 88 anyway. I'll just work the two adjoining lots together.
    Thanks! Mike Matton

  2. by Mike and Tori Matton on February 14, 2019  5:17 pm

    Oops! Typo. We currently have plot #92, not 90. So, if plot 88 is available we'll take 88 and 92 together.

    Sorry. Mike

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