Marina Waiting List

Wait list Updated July 25, 2018.

NOTE: Slips are assigned by matching dimensions of a vessel on the wait list to the dimensions of any slip that may come available.

NOTE: The vessel on the wait list with the highest priority that also matches the available slip dimension will be assigned that slip. Priority numbers provided below are for guidance only.


“A” Waiting List:Β Current slip holders, in good standing with BRCA, needing a larger (or smaller) slip to accommodate a newly acquired boat.

Request DateName
29-Jun-09Wallace, Scott
15-Apr-15Rice, Jim
15-Oct-17Brian and Paula Regan
25-Apr-18Dave Openshaw


“B” Waiting Lists, New Applicants

“B-1” – Full time Resident, 100% land owner, 100% boat owner

Request DateName
18-Mar-01Sander, Steve & Renee
23-Jun-06Thick, Richard
18-Aug-13Ryan, Ken
30-Jul-15Stanizale, Stephen
17-Dec-15Moeri, George
10-May-17Riley, Tom
08-Apr-18Wilson, James & Mary Ann
10-Apr-18Ed Coleman
18-Apr-18Tim Cowling/Eugenie Vink
23-Apr-18Burns, Pat
24-May-18Cutting, John
25-Jul-18Patton, Todd

“B-2”, Full time resident, 100% land owner, <100% boat owner

Request DateName

“B-3”,Full time resident, renting, 100% boat owner

Request DateName
25-Aug-14Attwood, Chad
18-Apr-18Wehrmann, Richard

“B-4”, Full time resident, renting,Β  less than 100% boat owner

Request DateName

“B-5”, Absentee Resident, 100% land owner, 100% boat owner

Request DateName
25-Mar-10Shoemaker, Bob

“B-6”,Β  Absentee Resident, 100% land owner,Β  less than 100% boat owner

Request DateName
24-Apr-03MacDonald, Alan

“B-7”, Current Slipholders with a second boat

NOTE: The new Rules were adopted on May 18, 2004, allowing second boats and creating the B-7 priority.

Request DateName
14-Jun-04Seiling, Bill
4-May-06Ruland, Mike
25-May-09Allan, Scott
10-Jun-09Gilbert, Jeff
22-Oct-13Dave Humpheryes
13-Nov-13Crae Ramsey


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  1. by Beth and George on May 24, 2018  3:54 pm

    Can we get an updated Marina waitlist and slip assignments posted to the website? I would like to see where I am at on the list and please update my type of boat from power to sail. Thanks, George

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