Join the Pool

All Bay Ridge residents who want to join the pool must be paid members of the BRCA. A resident of Bay Ridge who is not a member of the pool may not go to the pool as a member’s guest.

Charter Membership is paid up thru 2028. Charter membership is transferable.

Membership to the Bay Ridge pool is also available to all residents of Annapolis Cove. Annapolis Cove members are afforded full membership privileges.

A limited number of swim team family memberships are available for families whose children are on the swim team and who may reside outside Bay Ridge.

Membership Levels & Dues

Bay Ridge

Regular Membership
$1,400.00 one-time, transferable Bay Ridge Pool Bond payment
$455.00 annual fee

Bay Ridge Charter Membership
$5,500 one-time payment, transferable, for up to 20 family members (5 available).

Bay Ridge Annual Membership
$850 yearly fee for Bay Ridge residents who do not own a paid Bay Ridge Pool Bond.

Bay Ridge Single Membership
$320 for Bay Ridge residents who do not own a Bay Ridge Pool Bond ($210 for a senior).

Click here for an explanation of the various Bay Ridge memberships.

Annapolis Cove

All Residents of Annapolis Cove wishing to use the facilities must be a member of the Bay Ridge Pool Association and may not attend as another members’ guest.

Annual membership: $880.00
Couple membership: $690.00
Single membership: $580.00

Click here for an explanation of the various Annapolis Cove memberships.

Once you’ve chosenย your membership type you will need to make payment to the pool. All checks should be made payable to the BRPA (Bay Ridge Pool Association) by May 1st of each pool year. Checks should be mailed or dropped-off at the Bay Ridge Pool, 2 Herndon Ave., Annapolis, Md. 21403. Click Join Now below to enter or update your information online.

Any questions, please contact Patrick Winterschladen, at [email protected].

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