BRPA Board Meeting June 17, 2014 Summary Minutes

The meeting convened at 7:30 PM at the Pool Clubhouse. The President, Bill Thomas chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Jeff Gilbert, Cindy Wells, Jay Green, Kathleen Randolph, Steve O’Hare, Lee Shackelford, Dan Phelps and Bruce Reiter. The Board Members attending did represent a quorum which allows the board to conduct formal business. No votes or formal business were conducted during this meeting

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes of the May 2014 Board meeting was waived (because none exist as we do not have a Secretary).

Old Business

  • Financial Review – Bill reviewed the latest financials from treasurer Sherrie Kelley (whom was in absentia due to vacation); revenues appear to be short mainly due to Bay Ridge Regular memberships being off by about 20 memberships to date; revenues appear to be down about $10k for BR. Annapolis Cove memberships up this year, although budget target number was dropped due to 7 straight years of declining AC membership; Swim Team Family memberships exceed budget number by 2 and board has previously increased 2014 allowable membership number to 25. All other revenues appear to be ahead of budget. Expenses heavy due to purchase of new clubhouse lighting, new grills, painting and some unforeseen repairs. No detail was available on memberships to date and some expenses so we will defer until treasurer returns.
  • Pool entrance gate and computer – system is still slow. Guards not using as intended in all cases. After discussion, we agreed the Bruce would try to run a direct feed to the computer rather than use wireless and that may increase the speed and alleviate the problems we are having with check-in.
  • Pool side parties – Discussion of a board member’s pool side party last Sunday brought questions about the policy. Bill reviewed policy of Pool side parties:

1. Must complete the rental form and submit to Rental Coordinator

2. Must provide a guest list to Rental Coordinator/Guard check-in

3. Limit to pool side parties is 15 guests (Jay Green offered that limit is 20 – 25); Bill will                                   verify.

4. Only cost is guest fees over and above 2 free per day. It was noted that the important              part of this type of party is that the Rental Coordinator MUST be notified and the guards due to         the fact that the pool management company may require more guards. In addition, it was noted         by Jay Green that the clubhouse and pool cannot be RENTED during normal business hours (pool        open) for a private party according to the by-laws.

It was further discussed that the pool side party in question was clearly in violation of said rules                and that it should not be allowed to happen again. Bill took responsibility for allowing it to    happen and all agreed that the member did a good job of making sure it was not too             overwhelming to membership. It was also noted that at one point the guards had to close the               pool due to too many kids in the pool, presenting a safety issue. Finally, member did provide       fees to rent the upstairs clubhouse in addition to pool side party.

  • Upcoming July 12th Pool Party – Parker suggested via an e-mail submittal that the date of the July pool party be changed to a later date in July due to the proximity to July 4th. Board members checked the schedule and it was agreed that due to other activities the date could not be changed and will remain July 12th. Parker further suggested that we engage the AC folks to put on the party: set-up, cooking, gathering supplies, clean-up, etc. Board agreed that was a good idea and Cindy and Lee agreed to help, if needed. Bill suggested we turn this into a challenge of a volleyball match between AC v. BR. All agreed and Bill will create an e-mail request and challenge and forward to Bruce to send out.
  • NAAC pool rental – the Naval Academy Aquatic Club has requested use of our pool for training. Dates are:

Friday, June 20 – 5AM – 7AM

Sunday, June 22 – 7AM – 11AM

Thursday, June 26 – 5AM – 7AM

Pool mgmt has already agreed to the use of the pool, but board needed to set the rental rate. It was agreed that $75 was the rate for each 2 hour session, double for the Sunday session. $300 total. Bill will notify the club of the rate.

  • Master’s review – Jeff stated that Master’s swim was going well in all 3 levels with about 77        swimmers to date; Bill suggested that we continue to add swimmer’s as we’re still short of our   goal of about $10 – $12k for the summer sessions. Jay noted that the budget number was $5k for Master’s swim. Bill will also call MM and let him know he can swim in master’s program        without joining the pool this year.
  • Snack Bar – a brief discussion of snack bar to date; all agreed that what the operator of the         snack bar is doing is fine. No need to increase input on menu items further or set some hours.                Leave alone and let it operate at current pace.
  • New Grills – noted that new, more expensive Weber grills were purchased this year at a cost     above what was budgeted at $300. Swim Team agreed to donate towards the grills this year,    although Bruce will check on the cost. When Bill and Jay purchased the grills, they did so               knowingly above the budget number and with the idea that we’d send an appeal to membership       asking for individual donations to make up the difference in the cost. Bill said he’d send the e-       mail but Cindy and Jeff suggested we not continue to chase membership for additional monies                for these type of expenditures. Board agreed that no request would be made and we’d eat the                cost as we already ask membership to donate to 3 fundraisers annually. There was further discussion about keeping the grills clean and how we get membership to take care of the new             property. All agreed there’s no way to enforce the cleaning, but Bill agreed to come up with       some laminated notices to zip-tie to the grill doors to remind members to clean each after             use.
  • Bay Ridge musical – Robyn Sigurski submitted date for the BR Musical as July 26th at 4PM. Bruce       agreed to put it on the calendar.
  • Maintenance projects remaining – Sand and paint second set of stairs, stucco back wall, fix         collapsed deck section and paint men’s bath; agreed to put off stucco work and men’s bath until        next season; Bill and Jay will work on collapsed deck section prior to next swim meet. No              indication from anyone to assist with sanding and painting second set of stairs.
  • Security System – Bill stated system is up and running on the recording portion, but does not have simultaneous webcam capabilities due to lack of memory. Bill will continue to work on that with Jeff, John and Rush. Like to get a webcam on our home page. In addition, Bill and John will be setting another camera on one of the poles at back of pool. Wires to be buried this Friday afternoon after some camera checks and distance verifications.
  • Umbrella stands – all umbrella stands arrived. We have 6 new stands to go with our original 12 that arrived. Vendor let us keep the damaged (rusty) stands too. So, a total of 23 stands are on site. Noticed that many of them are rusting already. We agree that they likely use inferior paint and that it may make sense, depending on cost, to have our paint vendor strip and paint with proper pain that won’t rust.
  • Clubhouse lighting – Kudos to Jay Green for installing all the new lighting fixtures in the clubhouse – both sconces and hanging pendants – and to Cindy for all her time picking out the fixtures. All agree new lighting looks great!

New Business

  • Teak Tables – appears each teak table is getting damaged further; likely need to be repaired or purchase new tables next season or soon thereafter. Parts of them becoming safety hazard to members. Key is the current tables are heavy enough to withstand strong winds from bay.
  • 2015 Pool re-plaster project – Bill stated that this project is planned for April 2015 (maybe even September 2014); but that he wants to make sure everyone knows and is on-board for the project; cost likely between $60 – $80k. Want to also have an in-pool fundraiser prior to re-plastering similar to NBAC’s party – black tie, band, catered meal, dancing, etc. – portions of it in-the-pool. We agreed we would not do this in the event there could be any long-term damage to the pool. Bill will assess risks and report back to the board on an on-going basis. Bill also offered that after his tenure was up, he’d spearhead both the re-plastering project and the black-tie event.
  • Flag pole – Jay Green brought up the idea of a flag pole and suggested a few options; Jeff suggested that maybe this will be a good Eagle Scout project for a neighborhood scout? Dan Phelps suggested a different type of pole. It was not decided at this point other than to propose to the scout to see if he is interested in making this his project.

Meeting Schedule –   The next official board meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 8th, 7:30PM (it was suggested that we may not need this meeting depending on activity between now and then).

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 9:30PM.

Respectfully submitted:  Bill Thomas, acting BRPA Secretary

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