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  • How we drive, ride & walk on our streets is serious business. We've had some really alarming accidents over the last few years. With more drivers, pedestrians & athletes using our roads—we've seen a significant spike in accidents and "close calls". Yikes. To that end, a few inspire[...]
  • Just as we did in 1931. But with watermelon eating contests. Bay Ridge is buzzing with excitement. Last minute float ideas, trips to the hardware store, crepe paper. The 4th of July is less than a week away! For old timers and those new to the hood—welcome to Christmas in July. Bay Ridge has put[...]
  • Facebook friends! We launched the Bay Ridge Exchange on Facebook several years ago as an "unofficial" bulletin board or community exchange—managed by volunteers. We laid down the following ground rules (listed in the description) to keep it clean and purposeful—and have moderated[...]
  • Parents! Our lives are about to switch gears in a big way. Schools will soon be out! Time to bust out the calendars and plan some fun outings + activities for kiddos. Be sure to book your weeks with the BR summer camp—it's a terrific way to get our neighborhood friends together for some fun by th[...]
  • Hello! It's hard to believe this website is 4 years old. That went fast. But, alas, 4 in digital years is a long time. So, we recently took a few steps to get things re-calibrated and secure. And fixed a few bugs along the way. So! If you're a new resident wanting to register for full-website [...]
  • It takes a certain kind of person to take on the Jamboree. I mean, it's not just a party—it's a celebration for hundreds of neighbors spanning all generations—with games, rides, crafts, food, drink and entertainment. And live animals. We've been lucky over the years to have creative, big-hear[...]