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  • It's our birthday! Wanna know how our country celebrated the 4th in 1777? By shooting a cannon 13 times, of course, holding a parade, lighting off fireworks and bonfires. Oh, and ringing bells. Well, check us out these 241 years later—still celebrating in similar style! We've got all that covered he[...]
  • Passing on some timely info! Fishing on the Bluff by Tolly Point There continues to be complaints from Bay Ridge Residents that some who fish do not pick up their trash and are rude, noisy and drinking into the late hours. We remind residents that fishing is restricted to Bay Ridge Residents an[...]
  • Hello friends! It's coming; it really is. Sun, bay breezes, swimming—the High Season will be upon us soon. And the BR Pool Committee is ensuring that we keep our pool & grounds updated, safe and ready for the season ahead. Last year, we took the pool-planning pretty seriously. First, we dr[...]
  • Adopt-a-Plot is a very unique "ask". Adopting a personal acre of woods? Bay Ridge residents didn't hesitate to accept the challenge. That's what so awesome about the folks who live here. What's even better? Adopters, or Woods Warriors, are having fun doing it--together with a family or friends--o[...]
  • Ladies & Gentlemen! Grab your clippers & gloves! Today is Adopt-a-Plot's OPENING DAY! [cheers, applause, corks fly] The grounds are ready, the legwork is complete and now our woods await your arrival. Our trees are ready to host the inaugural year of an exciting program that is sure to ch[...]
  • We need a theme song. Can you feel the energy? Look at all these awesome Bay Ridgers getting involved to help save me--and give my 30 new trees a fresh start! I mean, seriously. This image needs a theme song. Hooray to all you green-spirited folks of all ages! To help jump-start things, I'm ho[...]
  • You. You. You! We sat in a warm Bay Ridge clubhouse one early summer evening and stared at each other. The big question was hovering above the table where we sat. The plots were surveyed. Each one was lovingly marked. The maps were made. Now: how to ensure that 80 households would actually adopt? T[...]
  • Innovation starts with a spark. A glimmer of an idea that ignites into something powerful--something that can change the course of our future--for the better. And that's just what's happened here in Bay Ridge. An idea has been hatched that will enable us to save 100 acres of our struggling woods-[...]
  • I know. There's a lot going on right now. Lots of exclamation points, updates and calls to action. But! Its our high season and it doesn't last long. When we're sealed into hibernation with icy Nor'easters come February, we'll have all these happy, spirited memories to keep us warm. Let's bring o[...]