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  • We're in need of a responsible self starter and multi-tasker to step up and serve as CHAIRMAN of the BRCA 4th of July Celebration. Will handle overall administrative responsibilities for the event. Must be a good delegater. Chairman serves as the focal point for dozens of volunteers, secures perm[...]
  • Calling Bay Ridge entrepreneurs, virtual workers and creative thinkers: come join us for a community study hall! See, technology today affords us unparalleled flexibility in where and how we work--more and more of us are working from our homes now than ever before. Yet, often we're crowding into [...]
  • The Bay Ridge Dumpsters will be here in time for early 2014 summer cleaning. Dumpsters will be available from 12 noon on Friday,  May  30th, until 1:00PM  on Saturday, May  31st – a short window to dispose  of  your  unwanted  junk, yard wastes, scrap metal and  garbage! Containers will be locate[...]
  • A resident recently asked a good question about insurance and we'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue: "We recently changed homeowner's insurance companies and our new company wants to raise our rates because Bay Ridge does not have fire hydrants.  Are you aware of this happening to others [...]
  • There have been some alarming burglaries recently in our community. Our law enforcement has been hard at work--but we're not in the clear yet. Read below to review the current status and to see what you can do to stay informed and safe:  CURRENT STATUS   One suspect has been arrested and linke[...]
  • Come meet the new Bay Ridge site, we're thrilled you're here! Below lists a few important announcements and brief orientation to get you settled. Design We worked to design an online destination that reflected Bay Ridge's true essence as a community. By integrating a clean, modern framework, we [...]
  • by Sydney Petty A Well-Traveled Life Bay Ridgers who treasure our annual Fourth of July parade will be interested to learn that Mary Ann Wilson of Decatur Ave., along with her friend, former Bay Ridger Teddy Mayberry, fronted the very first Bay Ridge Fourth of July community parade in thei[...]
  • Bay Ridge Civic Association Forest Assessment Report Completed by: Environmental Systems Analysis, Inc. 162 West Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 Modified on: March, 2013 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Bay Ridge Civic Association (BRCA), which owns Bay Ridge Forest (the Forest), desires a benchmark in[...]