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Introducing Bay Ridge Study Hall

BRwebPoolpicCalling Bay Ridge entrepreneurs, virtual workers and creative thinkers: come join us for a community study hall!

See, technology today affords us unparalleled flexibility in where and how we work–more and more of us are working from our homes now than ever before. Yet, often we’re crowding into coffee houses in search of a change of scenery and energy-level to re-boot the brain.

So, let us invite you to the first-ever BRPA Study Hall. Every first Thursday of the month, the BPRA will open its clubhouse doors to BRPA members looking to work somewhere other than their home office. There’s wifi, chairs, tables, a kitchen and a truly inspiring view. We performed a “test run” last week and it went swimmingly.

This format may not work for all (such as those who live on the phone, musicians, etc.) but if you find yourself needing a beautiful, communal space to work for a few hours, please join us!

Mark your calendars! (Or check ours). Details are below:


  • Every first Thursday of the month, BRPA members can congregate at the BRPA clubhouse for a productive, working “study hall”.
  • Hours are from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.
  • The clubhouse offers a beautiful space for working: tables, chairs, wifi and a kitchen.
  • Happy hour begins at 4:00, where we can collaborate, have a drink and run ideas by each other.
  • There’s obviously no commitment, folks can come & go as they please.


  • Decorum: This is meant to be productive. Treat it as you would a communal workspace. Respect each other’s need to focus.
  • Short phone calls can be held inside, if the volume is kept low. Longer (or more animated) calls need to go on the deck (will be easier when it gets warm!)
  • People may come and go as they please—as long as there’s a chairperson present (right now this is Holly).


  • Only open to BRPA members (BR & Annapolis Cove).
  • Spring months (March-May) study hall attendees need to stay only in the BPRA clubhouse & deck—no wandering around beyond this (no lifeguard/liability issues).
  • This will be especially important in May when the pool cover comes off.
  • Cost is $5 per person. Proceeds go to BRPA.
  • Bring your own drinks and food (there’s a fridge). Especially if you have something tasty to share for happy hour.
  • At the end of the day, the space must be left entirely clean: garbage removed, fridge cleared out, personal items collected.

Any questions, feel free to contact Holly at hmoring at gmail dot com.

By Holly Patterson Moring

Hello, community! I grew up here in BR, moved away and came home. Literally. To my parents back yard. I live here now with my husband and daughter--happily bookended my family on both sides.

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