Message from the Board

Passing on some timely info!

Fishing on the Bluff by Tolly Point

There continues to be complaints from Bay Ridge Residents that some who fish do not pick up their trash and are rude, noisy and drinking into the late hours. We remind residents that fishing is restricted to Bay Ridge Residents and guests who “accompany them”. The residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Fishing on the Bay Ridge Commons requires a fishing license. Officer Olds will be monitoring the situation and taking action when appropriate by checking Identification We do not want the conduct of a few people to ruin the fun of fishing for others. If residents notice problems contact Officer Olds- 410-222-1961 or cell 410-490-4038.

July 4th Activities

The Bay Ridge Parade and the follow up picnic and races are a big part of summer. The parade is highlighted by floats, bicycles, wagons, etc. decorated in red, white and blue. The residents enjoy decorating all the items for the parade with various themes. Most of the residents and their guests line up along the parade route to cheer for the participants and celebrate the spirit. Many of the residents are now in the process of planning their floats.

The Board wants to remind all the participants in the parade about proper etiquette and the rules. The theme of the floats should be “family friendly” and maintain proper ‘’conduct” and signage during the parade. There should be no business or political advertising. We want everyone to continue to have the positive experience of the parade and avoid the possibility of causing embarrassment to our children and friends.

No vehicles on the beach

There have been complaints of residents “driving” on the beach and commons of Bay Ridge. It is hard to imagine we have to remind residents about this. However, some residents chose not to “carry” items to the beach, but drop it off by car for their convenience. If you cannot carry it, pull it in a wagon or push it in a wheel barrow, it does not belong on the beach. There should be no vehicles on the beach and commons for any reason.

By Holly Patterson Moring

Hello, community! I grew up here in BR, moved away and came home. Literally. To my parents back yard. I live here now with my husband and daughter--happily bookended my family on both sides.

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