Pool kick off — in a new way!

Hello friends!

It’s coming; it really is. Sun, bay breezes, swimming—the High Season will be upon us soon. And the BR Pool Committee is ensuring that we keep our pool & grounds updated, safe and ready for the season ahead.

Last year, we took the pool-planning pretty seriously. First, we drained the water out of the pool. And then we partied in it, in the snow, with live music, vittles and firepits to raise funds. That was pretty monumental—not so much pulling off the event itself (which was herculean), but the community participation & spirit was striking. We met our goals & got the pool re-surfaced just in time.

It’s a new year! The pool committee’s designed another creative way to raise the necessary funds for upkeep—a fiesta. A seriously solid one with delicious food from Sin Fronteras, live music and all under twinkle lights in the grassy knoll behind the pool. Details will be forthcoming–but be sure to save the date: Saturday, May 14th at 6 pm!

Instead of raffles or repeat donations “asks”, we invite residents to host a Sign Up Party. It was such a huge success last year—and a beautiful way to connect with friends and raise funds for the BRPA.

Here’s how it works! Pick any of these cool party concepts listed below and let Mary Snowdon know if you would like to host one of these parties. This means you help supply the goodies (food, drink, etc) and can set a date that works for you. At the Fiesta on May 14th, guests can sign up to attend your party. They will pay a pre-set guest fee–where all proceeds go to the BRPA.

Snap from our Dive-In Movie Night Sign Up Party 2015
Snap from our Dive-In Movie Night Sign Up Party 2015

Here’s a sampling of parties that will be offered this year:

– Dive In Movie Night
– Tween Beach Blanket Bingo
– Wine & Cheese & Bay Ridge History on the Bluff
– Family Kick Ball at Kass Park

As you can see, parties can be adult only, kids only or both. The possibilities are many, but here are some ideas we have for new parties—we just need some volunteers to host!

  • Corn Hole Tournament
  • Beach Volleyball and Bonfire
  • Sunset Booze Cruise
  • Kids (or Adult) Scavenger Hunt
  • Billiards and Bourbon
  • Wine Tasting
  • Capture the Flag/Kids games at Marina
  • 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament for Parents/Kids
  • Bowling Night (Adult only or Parents/Kids)
  • Clothes & Accessory Swap
  • Karaoke Night

If you think that you and some friends could join forces to host one of these….or even better, come up with your own great theme, let us know. Oh, and by joining with other families to host you share the costs and double the fun. We have great venues here in Bay Ridge like the beaches and marina—so you don’t even have to clean the house to throw a party!

Dying to host a party? Interested but a little reluctant? Want more information? Email Mary Snowdon at

Deadline is May 1 to host a party!



By Holly Patterson Moring

Hello, community! I grew up here in BR, moved away and came home. Literally. To my parents back yard. I live here now with my husband and daughter--happily bookended my family on both sides.

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