April 10, 2012 Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 8:05 PM at the BRCA Marina Clubhouse. The President, Pam Jacobsen, chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Pam Jacobsen,  Jay Green, Sherrie Kelley, Bill Thomas, Jeff Gilbert, Parker Jones, Steve O’Hare, Kurt Karsten, and Paul Behrends. Also in attendance was Bruce Reiter as a representative of the Bay Ridge Marlins Swim Team. The seven Board Members attending represent a quorum  which will allow the board to conduct formal business.

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes of the 14 February 2012 Board meeting was waived because the meeting minutes were reviewed by the board via email, and the corrected version has been posted on the BRPA web site.


Financial Report –  Sherrie Kelley provided the Treasurer’s  report a copy of which is attached to these minutes and will be separately posted on the BRPA web site. In the course of discussion of the report the  financial items addressed included:

  • As a result of unanticipated structural work on the Pool House, it appears that our current capital reserves are less than the estimated costs of the anticipated major capital items.  These projects include the structural repairs to the pool house (currently under way), and anticipated resurfacing of the main pool and the baby pool.
  • There was considerable discussion on how to replenish the capital funds used for these unanticipated expenditures.  Proposals included:
  • Fund raisers (such as the proposed Arbor Day Event)
  • Implementation of a capital fund drive, addressing donations and pledges for the next 5 years.

It was decided that Steve O’Hare (Financial Development chair) would further investigate all of the proposals and return to the board with more definitive proposals.

Unfinished (Old)  Business

Member Health Issues – Bill Thomas noted that he has been in conversation with the Cashman family.   He is still awaiting the proposed draft general membership letter addressing the family’s concerns relating to their son’s nut allergy.  In addition he is also awaiting wordage for “nut awareness” sinage.

Pool Access Control – Pool access control and the member check in procedures for this year was discussed.  Items addressed included:

  • It was noted that the weak link in any check in procedure is the attention paid by the gate guard.  IN the past we have not had really adequate control of the gate.
  • The use of photo IDs was addressed.  The problem with generating local ID cards is gathering the photographs.  In addition it was noted that the Pool ID cards were either forgotten or lost.  Pam suggested using government issued photo IDs (driver’s licenses, school ID cards) to allow confirmation of the person’s identity.
  • In support of the requirement to have photo ID confirmation, it was proposed that all emails to the general membership should contain words that photo ID will be required for access to the pool.

Facility Maintenance –  A number of maintenance related items were discussed.  They included:

  • Pool Repairs – Resurfacing the baby pool  will be done when the pool is uncovered, the first week in May.
  • Building Structural Repairs –  The demolition work is almost complete.  Reconstruction and repair is also in progress.  The windows have been roughed in, and roughing in the columns will be completed  the week of  16 April. The DuraDek will be installed within the next two weeks.
  • Preparation of the Pool – It was noted that the pool filters have been successfully backflushed, and that the main pool circulation system is running on “idle”.
  • Work Day Work Lists – Jay Green reviewed a list of relatively small jobs being planned for the forthcoming workdays.  The board concurred with his proposal to procure the materials needed for these jobs so that he will be prepared to execute the work as scheduled.
  • Parking Lot Changes – Jay Green noted that the temporary fencing protecting the grassy area adjacent to the parking lot requires replacement by something more permanent.  His proposal calls for installing 4×4 posts about 10 feet apart, and then stringing yellow (for visibility) plastic chain between the posts.  The board agreed with the proposal.

Snack Bar Operation – The operation of the snack bar during the coming pool season was discussed. It was noted that last year’s operator has graduated from High School and is going to college.  As a result, she is not in a position to operate the snack bar this coming season.  There has been no interest in manning the booth by current high school students.

New Business

Election of Board Officers – Nominations were made to fill the various Board Officers positions. The proposed slate of the Board Officers for the coming year are:

  • President – Bill Thomas
  • Vice President – Kurt Karsten
  • Secretary – Paul Behrends
  • Treasurer – Sherrie Kelley

The election will be held during the 10 May 2012 board meeting.

The board also established a Long Range Planning Committee.  The members of this committee are: Bill Thomas, Sherrie Kelley, Pam Jacobsen, Steve O’Hare, Jay Green and Kurt Karsten.

Five year review of By Laws – Kurt Karsten was tasked by the board to initiate the regular five year review of the Association ByLaws.  He will report the results of this review to the board at the May 2012 Board Meeting.

Meeting Schedule:
The schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:

  • General  Meeting –Monday,  14 May 2012 at the BRCA Marina clubhouse.
  • Board Meeting – Tuesday 10 May 2012 at the BRPA Pool.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:10pm.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary