April 23, 2007 General Meeting

The meeting convened at 8:07PM at the BRPA Pool House. Doug Vaughters chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Paul Behrends, Chris Burkhardt, Carlene Cassidy, Pam Jacobsen, Monica Mount and Elizabeth Taylor. The seven Board Members present constituted a quorum for the conduct of Pool Association business. General membership attendees included Gin Behrends, Rob Bontempo, Kathleen Randolph, and Claudia Auth.

Minutes Approved:
Carlene Cassidy moved, and Pam Jacobsen seconded a motion to waive the reading of, and approve (as posted on the BRPA web site) the minutes of the December 11, 2006 general membership meeting. The motion was approved by a voice vote.

Old Business

BRPA Board Elections  The election of new BRPA Board of Directors members was conducted at this meeting. The election process included:

  • The terms for three current members are expiring, and these positions will need to be filled. The retiring members of the board include: Paul Behrends, Carlene Cassidy, and Jeff Bach.
  • Carlene Cassidy reported that the nominating committee has identified three candidates for election to the board. The candidates are: Claudia Auth, Rob Bontempo, and Kathleen Randolph.
  • The three candidates were elected to the Board of Directors by acclimation.
  • It was noted that the current President (Doug Vaughters), Vice President (Grahame Rice) and Treasurer (Chris Burkhardt) all have another year on their terms of office and will continue in office for another year. With the retirement of Paul Behrends as Secretary, the board will need to elect a new Secretary.
  • Elizabeth Taylor offered her candidacy and was elected as the Secretary by voice vote of the Board of Directors. With her election, the current officers of the Bay Ridge Pool Association are:
  • President: Doug Vaughters
  • Vice President: Grahame Rice
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Taylor
  • Treasurer: Chris Burkhardt
  • It was noted that these changes will require a change to the signature access cards for the Association bank accounts. Paul Behrends moved that: “The current officers of the BRPA be designated as the sole signatories for the various bank accounts, and all others currently listed by the bank be removed from the position of signatory.” The motion was seconded by Pam Jacobsen, and passed with a voice vote. The motion was later amended later to include the current Swim Team treasurer Luck Mulhern as a signatory.

Pool Facility Rental Coordinator – Doug Vaughters discussed the position of Rental Coordinator. In his discussion he addressed the following:

  • He received an email from Lisa Chmael (the current Rental Coordinator), which indicated that her term for the position was to expire on 1 June 2007.
  • Lisa has not recruited a replacement, but rather offered to continue in the position with the compensation of a complimentary membership.
  • In the course of discussion of the issue, the Board noted that the position has been previously filled on a volunteer basis. It further noted that the Board has provided complementary membership to selected professionals (who are members of the community) in lieu of payment for their professional services.
  • The Board decided that the position would stay a volunteer position.
  • Paul Behrends volunteered to assume the position effective 1 July 2007. He is going to be unable to take on the role for a most of June.
  • In view of the above, the Board decided to see if Lisa was willing to continue to perform the job until 1 July to allow Paul to transition into the role.The Rental Coordinator job can be time consuming and the Board wanted to express to Lisa our thanks for taking on the role.

Pool Passes – Monica Mount displayed the 2007 Annual Pool Pass Update sticker. This sticker is to be placed on the pass over the current date. Monica has tested the sticker for waterproofing (having soaked a pool pass with the sticker in water for over a day without a failure of the sticker. It is proposed that the sticker be attached at the pool gate on one’s first use of the pool this season. Photos for the pool passes will be taken by Monica Mount for those participating in the Clean Up Days, while at the event.

BRPA Web Site – Paul Behrends discussed the BRPA web site and other web based issues. Points of interest include:

  • The address (URL) for our web site is www.bayridgepool.org.
  • Separate user IDs and passwords are available for both Bay Ridge residents and the residents of Annapolis Cove. Efforts are being made to promulgate the access information to non Bay Ridge residents.
  • The rental calendar has been maintained up to date, thanks to the efforts and kind assistance of Lisa Chmael.
  • Paul Behrends noted that he had received a request from the webmaster for the Annapolis Cove website for information on the Pool Association membership for Annapolis Cove residents.
  • In the course of discussion on what to post on the Annapolis Cove website, it was decided to make an extract from the material to be published in the BRCA Directory. Paul Behrends will take this for action, and keep the Board advised.

Contract Issues – The status of the Pool Management Contract with DRD was discussed. Items addressed included:

  • Kurt Karsten has been negotiating the legal details of the contract with DRD. A major issue was the question of DRD and BRPA liability for personal injury at the pool. Kurt Karsten arranged discussions between the BRPA insurer and the DRD insurer to resolve the issue. At this point, the two firms and DRD and BRPA all recognize that in the event of an issue, all organizations will be exposed for liability.
  • It was noted that the hourly cost of lifeguards outside of normal hours is now $22.50/hour. Paul Behrends will take action to ensure that this information will be posted on the web-site.
  • Doug Vaughters noted that he had received a copy of the amended DRD contract for the coming season from Kurt Karsten.
  • Doug Vaughters will sign and forward the contract to DRD. In addition, he will scan the document and forward copies to the board members

New Business

Preparations for the Start of the Season – Several items were addressed which are needed to support the start of the season. These include:

  • Clean Up Days – It was noted that Pool Clean Up Days are scheduled for 6 and 12 May. Preparations for these events include:
  • Mike Drum (Clean-up Day Coordinator), Doug Vaughters, Kevin Cline, Rob Bontempo and Teb Rowette will survey the facility to identify the tasks to be accomplished during the clean up days.
  • Mike Drum will be the overall coordinator for both Clean Up Days.
  • The Clean Up Days will start at 9:00 AM, and continue to about 3:00PM or completion of the planned work.
  • Refreshments will be provided.
  • It is expected that we will have approximately 30-50 people each day.
  • Food arrangements for the 5th will be handled by Pam Jacobsen, and for the 12th by Elizabeth Taylor. It was decided that we would look for delivery of the food by Pit Boys.
  • Elizabeth will procure all the non-perishable supplies for the clean up day refreshments.
  • Removal of the Temporary Fence – It was noted that DRD requires that the temporary fence around the pool be taken down by 12 May 2007, in order to support their final preparations for opening the pool for full use. Impacts of this removal include:
  • DRD will require a payment of $100 per event to provide their insurance coverage in advance of normal start of coverage. This is in addition to the hourly cost ($22.50/hour) for the required lifeguard.
  • It was noted that some of the renters have been apprised of possibility of an additional charge as a result of removing the fence.
  • Some early renters may not have been apprised of the possibility of this additional charge. Since the charge was not identified at the time of contract initiation, the BRPA Board decided that the Association would absorb that extra charge in these cases.
  • Health Department Inspections – It was noted that the County Health Department will be making their start of season inspections soon. With the completion of the electrical repairs on the sump pump, the only other major issue would be the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Cleaning them and preparing them for operation will be one of the major tasks for the clean up days.

Maintenance Issues – Several maintenance issues were addressed. They included:

  • Building door locks – It was reported that Kurt Karsten has arranged for a firm to rekey all the building locks. This rekeying will provide appropriate segregation of access for various uses. The main party room doors will be on a separate key; the pool operational accesses will be on another separate keying. It is expected that this will be accomplished before Opening Day.
  • Sump Pump Electrical Problems – Doug Vaughters reported that he has tested the sump pump, and found that it operates properly. The problem is the GFI outlet in the pump well, which is severely corroded and is essentially inoperative. He has arranged with Weismann Electric to replace the GFI outlet, and provide a more protective installation. This work was completed on 23 April 2007 at an anticipated cost of $350.
  • Poolside Furniture – It was noted that most of the pool side furniture will need maintenance or replacement. This includes:
  • Umbrellas – Elizabeth Taylor is investigating possible alternative sources of commercial grade umbrellas for this season. It is estimated that 13 umbrellas are needed. Based on her investigations, Elizabeth estimates that the umbrellas will cost about $100 each.
  • Picnic Tables – It was noted that the existing picnic tables are in very poor condition. Replacement in kind is estimated to be several thousand dollars. Alternatives are being investigated.

Meeting Schedule:
The schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:

  • Board Meeting – Tuesday, 15 May 2007 – Final preparations for Opening Day and start of the pool season.
  • General Meeting – Tuesday, 15 May 2007 – Concurrent with the Board Meeting – Final preparations for Opening Day and start of the pool season.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary