April 26, 2005 – Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:15 PM at the Pool House. The meeting was chaired by the President, Carlene Cassidy. Board Members present included: Carlene Cassidy, Kurt Karsten, Paul Behrends, Grahame Rice, Chris Burkhardt, Jeff Bach, and Doug Vaughters.

Minutes Approved:
The minutes of the April 11, 2005 membership meeting were approved.

Treasurers Report:
Grahame Rice presented the current financial status of the Association. The report was approved by a voice vote. The is attached.

Financial Report  
  Left at12/31/2004


  taken in






  1999 contribution


  2000 contribution


  2001 contribution


  2002 contribution


  2003 contribution


  2004 contribution












Old Business:
Pool Passes – The Board discussed the proposed new member ID passes. Items addressed included:
• These passes will allow the DRD gatekeeper to ensure that people using the pool are authorized access.
• Carlene Cassidy will take action to obtain digital “mug shots” of all who will receive passes.
• Paul Behrends will produce the passes, given data from Grahame Rice (member information) and Carlene Cassidy (pass template and photos).
• Paul Behrends will ensure that the computer at the gate will have the membership data loaded.
• The Board discussed long term usage of the passes. Jeff Bach asked if the Board’s intent was to issue annual passes. The consensus was that, at least for the near future, this would be the case.
• It was noted that DRD has requested pool usage information. Paul Behrends noted that this information is readily available from the gate computer database. Some concern was expressed about providing DRD with this information. Kurt Karsten noted that DRD and the pool are audited by the County to confirm that adequate lifeguards are used at the pool.
• Chris Burkhardt will work with Elizabeth Taylor to send emails to those who have renewed their memberships asking for digital photos for use on the ID Badges. Those contacts will be based on information provided to her by Grahame Rice. The photos are to be sent to Carlene Cassidy.

Membership Renewal Status – Grahame Rice discussed the progress on membership renewals. Points addressed included:
• We are at about 75% of Bay Ridge Resident Regular renewals, and about 65% of Annapolis Cove renewals.
• Carlene asked if the shortage of renewals could be related to non-receipt of the renewal packages. In the course of the discussion, it was proposed that those who have not yet renewed be queried to confirm that they had received a renewal package. It was proposed that the board members do personal follow up calls on those who are still not renewed. Doug Vaughters noted that he may be able to enlist some assistance from an Annapolis Cove resident in contacting the non-renewed individuals. Grahame Rice will provide the names and phone numbers of those not renewed. The membership committee will divide up the list for use by the individual board members in contacting the individuals.

New Business:
Pool Member Data – The Board discussed several items concerning member information. At issue is the concern for tracking the long term status of memberships. Grahame Rice and Paul Behrends will research the issue.

Pool Maintenance Issues – The board discussed several pool area maintenance issues. These included:
• Plumbing Repairs – Paul Behrends reported that the parts are on order to repair the outside shower faucet currently missing its handle. He expects the parts to arrive sometime next week, and will accomplish the repairs upon receipt of the parts. Doug Vaughters noted that the foot washing faucet valve is leaking. Paul Behrends will address that repair at the same time.
• Pool House party room lights – Carlene Cassidy reported that she had received a request from John Foote to install dimmer switches for the party room lights. He will provide the materials and installation. The issue was discussed by the Board. Grahame Rice moved that “the board approve the installation of dimmer switches for the party room if that installation is accomplished by a licensed electrician.” The motion was seconded by Doug Vaughters, and passed with a voice vote.
• Erosion Issues – Kurt Karsten noted that a significant sink hole is developing in the storm water run off swale at the beach end of the board walk. The issue appears to be sub-surface flow of the runoff water which is undercutting the surface. The area is outside of the BRPA leased area, and therefore is BRCA property. After discussion, Carlene Cassidy and Kurt Karsten will bring this urgent issue to the attention of the BRCA board for their action.

• Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:13 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary