April 27, 2004 – Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:10 PM at the Pool House. The meeting was chaired by the Association President, Patrick Winterschladen. Board Members present included: Patrick Winterschladen, Bill Cable, Keith Porterfield, and Paul Behrends. Also in attendance was Noelle Navarro, the DRD Manager. The attendees met the quorum requirements for formal Board actions.

Old Business:

No old business was discussed.

New Business:

  • Season Opening – Preparations for the season opening were discussed. Items addressed included:
  • Noelle Navarro noted that the cost of filling the pool with new water was $3475. She also noted that it is necessary to get into the pool in early March each year to see of the water can be rejuvenated and used for another year. This could result in saving the cost of new water. It was noted that the replacement of the water was, in part, due to the impact of Hurricane Isabel.
  • An added labor charge will be made because of the treatment to remove residual copper from the water.
  • Preparations for health inspection prior to opening. Noelle Navarro noted:
  • There are small items, primarily consumables which would be needed to pass the health inspection. These could be provided either by DRD or by the Pool Association.
  • The ground floor rest room floors and gratings will require power washing before the inspection. She recommended using Simple Green D as a disinfectant. It is effective and environmentally sound.
  • Lifeguard stands will require new umbrellas DRD can provide these at a reasonable cost.
  • The telephones at the pool do not work. They will need to be repaired before pool opening.
  • She requested a copy of the pool house party schedule for the summer, so that she can ensure proper guard coverage.
  • It was noted that gate guards for the pool season need to be identified. An initial source would be to check with last year’s guards. Michelle Lapedis may be able to provide further candidate names.

Pool House Rental Issues – Patrick Winterschladen noted, that as a result of recent experiences it has become apparent that the Pool House Rental agreement needs to be modified. Items which need to be addressed include:

  • Clarification of lifeguard requirements for activities held while the pool is exposed (filled and accessible).
  • BRPA liability in the event that Pool House conditions cause the renter to cancel the event. The liability should extend only as far as the pool rental fees already paid. Incidental and consequential added costs should not be a responsibility of the BRPA.
  • In the event the temporary fence is used to block access to the pool, the contract needs to clarify who is responsible for installation and removal of the fence.
  • Pool House rental for parties must be on an “as-is” basis.
  • Maintenance Items – The following maintenance issues and items were discussed:
  • Patrick Winterschladen stated that the board should investigate having a “winter care” contract for pool maintenance. This would place the maintenance efforts on a scheduled basis, rather than the current, ad hoc action by board members.
  • Patrick Winterschladen proposed holding a pool work day on 16 May 2004. Items already identified as needing accomplishment include:
  • Paint interior walls of the party room.
  • Clean ground floor rest rooms.
  • Repair plumbing items in men’s rest room (urinal flush valve)
  • Repair outside shower leak.
  • Meetings – Bay Ridge Pool Association meetings scheduled for the month of April 2004 include:
  • 10 May 2004 – 7:00 PM – General meeting at the Pool House.
  • 25 May 2004 – 7:00 PM – Board meeting at the Pool House.
  • Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:05PM .

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary