August 3, 2011 Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 8:00 PM at the BRCA Marina Clubhouse. The President, Pam Jacobsen, chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Pam Jacobsen,  Jay Green, Bill Thomas, Parnell Jones, and Paul Behrends. The Board Members attending represent a quorum  which will allow the board to conduct formal business.  Also attending was Sue Russell (BRPA member).

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes was waived because the minutes of the 6 July meeting were reviewed by the board via email, and the corrected version has been posted on the BRPA web site.

Financial Report – Since  the financial statement was posted on line, and forwarded to the board by email, its presentation was waived for this meeting.  The Treasurer, Sherrie Kelley was not present to discuss details of the report. Pam Jacobsen provided some amplification of the financial items.  The Board discussed several financial issues of interest to the board.  These issues included:

  • BRPA Taxes –  It was reported that Sherrie Kelley is working on the taxes which are due by 15 August 2011. A question was raised about the Associations tax-exempt status.  It was noted that the BRPA was incorporated as a non-profit organization under section 501c7 of the tax code.
  • Treasurer’s Report Details – Jay Green noted that the board is regularly provided only top-level report without any expanded details. These reports are usually provided by email from the Treasurer, with no backup data.  At the board meetings, these reports are only superficially addressed, and seldom discussed.

The lack of details prevents the board from fully understanding  the data contained in the report. It was  noted that one of the main functions of the Board is fiscal management of the operation. Bill Thomas noted that the Board needs to be more cognizant of the organization’s financial status and actions.

As a resolution to the problem, Jay recommended that the Treasurer’s report be moved to the beginning of the Board meeting, and the Treasurer be prepared to discuss the details of the report.

  • Pam Jacobsen is proposed that a budget review be held in the October time frame, with formal presentation to the Board and members in November.

Snack Bar Operation – It was noted that the snack bar has been in operation for two months.  During this period it reported a profit of $2000.  BRPA’s share would be $70.

Medical Issues – It was noted that the pool has had an Automatic External Defibrillator in the recent past.  The device was stored in the pump room; however, it disappeared sometime in the last few years.  Because of the precedent of having had one, it is considered prudent that the BRPA replace the device.  DRD has quoted a replacement unit for $2300; however, Pam Jacobsen has found an equivalent unit available on line for $900.  There was some discussion regarding post purchase support for the unit.  In any case, the procurement of a replacement AED should be a top priority budget item.

Swim Team Swimathon – It was reported that the swimathon had strong participation from the membership and was very successful.  The event raised $16K for contribution to the charity.

Lifeguard Scheduling – Pam Jacobsen noted that Ryan Chitwood (DRD) will be reducing the morning coverage by one guard, and add that guard to the late afternoon peak load at the pool.

Board Assignments – Pam Jacobsen announced the following Board assignments:

  • Parker Jones will be taking over the position of membership chairman.  His goal is to avoid a repeat of a recent occurrence where a member erroneously claimed Charter membership in lieu of the actual Regular membership.
  • Steve and Christy O’Hare will assume the position of Marketing Committee Chair and Fund Raising.

Pool Parties – Parker Jones reported pool party activity. This included:

  • The July BRPA Pool party was extremely well attended.  It appears that the bean-bag toss event was very successful.  Parker noted that the success of the party was in great measure the result of the extremely good cooperation he received from all involved.
  • The closing day BRPA Pool Party is scheduled for Sunday 18 September.  As a Sunday event, it is being scheduled from 1-6pm.
  • Jay Green proposed that the BRPA Pool Parties charge a fee for participation rather than being free for all BRPA members.

Fire Department Safety Inspection – Jay Green noted that the reinspection of the  pool facility by the AA County Fire Department has not been solidly scheduled at this time. Jay noted that all the previously identified deficiencies have been corrected.

Facility Maintenance –  Jay Green noted that several maintenance and repair items remain outstanding. In the course of discussion, the following points were addressed:

  • The Swim Team closet needs a thorough cleaning.
  • Pool water backflush system issues:
  • The backwash sump pump has failed twice. Jay noted that the replacement pump will need to be resistant to chemicals The pump’s electrical supply has been moved to outside the sump.  However, the sump float switch does not seem to be working properly.
  • The backwash sump tanks need to be pumped clear of debris and sediment.
  • Facility Water Treatment System issues:
  • There is a water treatment system in the pump room which appears to be unused.  Since the system has not been used in the recent past (no evidence of salt addition), Jay proposes removing the treatment tanks and repiping the water system to eliminate the treatment plant connections.
  • The need for a facility water treatment system was discussed.  The Board was uncertain of the real need for such a system.  As a result, Bill Thomas proposed getting an evaluation by a competent water treatment firm.
  • At the end of pool season, Jay Green will pursue determining the scope of the required structural repairs to the pool facing wall to the second floor in order to provide a common scope of work to contractors for their estimating purposes.
  • Jay Green is planning to develop a facility work list for the coming year.

Meeting Schedule:
The official schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:

  • General  Meeting –Monday, 13 September 2011 at the BRCA Marina clubhouse.
  • Board Meeting – Tuesday 23 August 2011 at the BRPA Pool.
  • Ad Int. Board Meeting – Wednesday, 14 September at the BRPA Pool.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:41PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary