BRPA Board Meeting February 12, 2013 Summary Minutes

The meeting convened at 7:45 PM at the BRPA Clubhouse. The President, Bill Thomas chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Bill Thomas, Paul Behrends, Pam Jacobsen, Sherrie Kelley, Jay Green, and Kathleen Randolph. Bruce Reiter attended as a non-voting member of the board and a representative of the Annapolis Cove community. The six Board Members attending represent a quorum which allows the board to conduct formal business.

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes of the 13 November 2012 Board meeting was waived because the meeting minutes were reviewed by the board via email, and the corrected version has been posted on the BRPA web site.


Finances – Sherrie Kelley reviewed the current financial status of the association. Items noted included:

The BRPA currently has approximately $130K in cash.
Income included approximately $2,105 for winter boat storage. Expenses included the first contractual payment for 2013 to DRD of $6,018.
Pool Management – Bill Thomas reviewed the current DRD plans for managing our pool this coming pool season. Items addressed included:

Last Year’s manager, Mike will be returning this year. DRD is attempting to hire an Assistant Manager.
Pool staff:
Ryan is gone,
Jeremy will be back this year.
Alexander may be back this coming season to run the snack bar. It was noted that no one has contacted him as yet.
Pool and Facility Maintenance – Jay Green discussed the current status of maintenance plans for the winter. These included:

Bill Thomas noted that the BRPA filed with the MDE for a new water discharge permit last fall.
With regard to parking lot drainage:
The Boardwalk repairs have been completed.
Bill Thomas suggested BRPA hire a Landscape Architect to work on the overall plan for correcting the drainage issues. This architect was suggested by CBF and works on grants with them. BRPA and CBF would file together for a grant from the CBT (Chesapeake Bay Trust) to pay for any parking lot project we may undertake to mitigate water flow from parking lot into the bay
BRPA and CBF are partnering on addressing the parking lot drainage issues. We will work on getting a grant to accomplish the required work. The grant request is due in September 2013.
The poolside drinking fountains are significantly corroded. Although replacement fountains of CRES have been identified, Jay will attempt to clean up the corroded areas. In the event that effort does not solve the problem, Jay will procure replacement fountains for immediate replacement.
Jay noted that the gum trees have been trimmed. Bill checking to see if the contractor can further trim gum tree over pool and deck.
The landscape maintenance contract has been renewed for the this year, at the same rates as last year.
Jay reported that the following maintenance/replacement efforts will be undertaken:
The steel doors on the pool pump room are severely corroded, and will be replaced by fiberglass doors. He is awaiting estimates to replace these doors.
The bathroom exhaust fans and their ducting will be replaced.
Jay noted that the pool cover anchor bolt holes which are not being used have been resurfaced. DRD has not completed the work as yet. Expect it to be completed in warmer weather.
Pam Jacobsen will research procurement of a replacement full size freezer for storing ice at the pool house.
BRPA Calendar for 2013 – The Board discussed plans for 2013. The following key dates were identified:

Spring Fund Raising Activity: 13 April 2013
Pool Membership and Swim Team Sign Ups: 14 April or 21 April 2013 (undecided as yet).
Spring Clean Up Days: 28 April and 11 May 2013
Spring Maintenance Days 4-5 May 2013
Opening day: Friday, 24 May.
Masters Swim Sessions: Mondays thru Thursdays starting 3 June (MW – Novice; T/R – Masters)
Swim meets: (unconfirmed) June 15, 22, 29, July 6; Gold/Siler meet July 20 or 21st
Swim-a-thon: 13 & 14 July
July BRPA Party: 27 July 2013
Pool Luau: 14 September 2013
Wounded Warriors Ride Support: TBD
Bill Thomas is working to recruit individuals to serve as the chair for each of the fund-raising activities. It was noted that the Spring Fund Raiser may be chaired by Jack and Kathy Flynn.

By Laws – Bill Thomas discussed the need to modify the BRPA By Laws to incorporate the following changes:

The location for BRPA General Meetings should be changed to have the meetings held at the Pool House.
The terms of the BRPA Officers should be changed to have the new officers installed in October of each year, after the end of the pool season, rather than May of each year. The rationale for this change is that the new officers would have a hand in the preparations for the next pool season, rather than assuming their office at the start of the pool season.
Change monthly Pool Board meeting to 2nd Tuesday of month versus current 4th Tuesday of month
Special Memberships – The use of special memberships was discussed. Items addressed included:

Swim Team Families: Membership in the BRPA will be required this year. The rate charged will be $1,000 per membership, as per last year.
New Charter Memberships: The BRPA will be continuing to offer five new Charter memberships at a cost of $7,500.
Charter Memberships: A special case of continuing a Charter membership was discussed. The particular case is where a prior resident of Bay Ridge purchased a Charter membership. After purchasing that membership the family moved from Bay Ridge to Annapolis Cove. The family has expressed the intent to move back into Bay Ridge. The question of continuing their Charter membership was discussed.
Motion: Jay Green moved that “The Howe family retain their Charter membership, while paying a special rate annual dues equal to a BRPA Regular membership.” The motion was seconded by Sherrie Kelley and passed with a voice vote.

Meeting Schedule – The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 at the Pool House.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 9:37PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul O. Behrends,
BRPA Secretary