BRPA Board Meeting July 9, 2013 Summary Minutes

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the Pool Clubhouses. The President, Bill Thomas chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Bill Thomas, Jeff Gilbert, Kathleen Randolph, Parker Jones, Jay Green, Cindy Wells, Lee Shackelford, Bruce Reiter & Dan Phelps.

The Board Members attending represent a quorum which allows the board to conduct formal business. This is a public meeting and one member showed-up to comment on actionable items needing input from membership.

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes of the June 2013 Board meeting was waived.

Old Business

  • Review of memberships to-date. Membership in Annapolis Cove is down again this year by 6 households. AC board members just think families have ‘aged-up’, thus the reason for the new membership category of ‘Couples’ and the strong posting of 8 Couple memberships. Sold 16 Swim Team Family memberships helping our membership fees increase overall this year as total revenue is up over budget. Bill Thomas still believes we need to market more heavily Annapolis Cove in ways we have not done in the past. Only a few comments on financial review. Bill Thomas will send a handful of questions to Sherrie for clarification.
  • Bill Thomas stated that Paul Behrends would like to resign as Secretary and Rental Coordinator. His demands on work and home renovations are keeping him from being able to pay attention to the jobs at hand. No one volunteered to be Secretary at this point. Bill Thomas will continue to take the minutes and forward for approval. It was suggested that an e-mail to the community to look for someone to handle the Rental Coordinator position would be helpful. Bill will follow-up and create an e-mail to forward to the community.
  • Next membership party is July 26th, Friday from 5 – 10PM. Pool to provide burgers, dogs, chicken, beer, wine and sodas. Membership to bring a dish to share. Parker will speak to DJ Joey about music. Authorized $100 for payment if need be for music. Parker would like to have a corn hole tournament with BR vs AC. Cindy will create e-mail to forward to members via Bruce with details.
  • Reminder that the pool has a few big events coming this month; Sunday, July 21st is the GOLD swim meet. Large crowds expected – 2 to 3 times the normal numbers of guests. Great American will do cooking and provide burgers and dogs – no grill crew needed. It was suggested that parking management be improved to use the CBF better rather than cram most into pool lots. Bill will touch base with Mike Drum. Swim-a-thon will be July 27 – 28th. Pool closed to regular membership unless participating in swim-a-thon through mid-day on the 28th of July.
  • Mosquito spraying; in the past the BRPA has filed an exemption with the MDE to not spray the pool area. No one in group had a strong feeling about filing an exemption. Decided to keep the spraying and not file an exemption. Pool also pays Mosquito Terminators an every other week fee to spray an organic pesticide for mosquito’s. We are getting twice the coverage.
  • Income for St Anne’s School camp and NAAC usage should be around $2,000 total. Both have ended except for NAAC usage on Monday’s through the end of July.
  • The diving board, oldest one, is in need of repairs to the non-slip surface. Jay has requested from DRD a cost for repair and replacement of the board. Once submitted, he will offer to the board a choice as to what we should do to repair or replace.
  • Bill Thomas proposed to have the landscaper remove entirely the back hedges along the fence at the rear of the pool. Estimated to be about $1,400. Board unanimously approved removal of hedges. Bill will follow-up to get hedges removed. Outside fence hedge needs removal of weeds/vines and cutback from the road.
  • Small boat storage rack availability went out to membership; 6 – 7 families responded for use of rack space; Bill sent forms to each member to submit before bringing boats.
  • Discussion was put forth about some added enhancements to the grounds – palm trees, deck at back of pool, fire pit w/patio, extended hours and Pavilion. No one seemed to agree that palm trees would add any value or make people join; most liked the deck idea but questioned the space for a deck and cost related to budget; all agreed it would be nice to extend the hours until 9:30PM on Friday and Saturday; Jay questioned the interference with parties on Saturday and Friday. It was suggested that it would work like it does on Friday nights with a party when the pool just closes on that particular evening. Also, suggestion that we could shave an hour off the morning opening for the extra time in the evenings to cover cost.
  • No guest fees received from Cachero family per Sherrie Kelley
  • Discussion regarding Lost & Found. We moved the L&F from the bench out front to the shower area near swim team closet. Still not working very well. Looks sloppy and too much material. Cindy Wells suggested we put up hooks along wall and hang material to dry and so people could see it. Board did not like the idea. It was suggested that we get a large bin with a lid to store material. Cindy offered to purchase large bin at Sam’s.

Meeting Schedule –   The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 13, 7:00PM.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 8:00PM.

Respectfully submitted:  Bill Thomas, acting BRPA Secretary