BRPA Board Meeting September 17, 2013 Summary Minutes

The meeting convened at 6:30 PM at the Pool Clubhouse. The President, Bill Thomas chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Jeff Gilbert, Cindy Wells, Lee Shackelford, Bruce Reiter, Steve O’Hare, Sherrie Kelly, Jocelyn Williams. The Board Members attending represent a quorum which allows the board to conduct formal business.

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes of the August 2013 Board meeting was waived.

Old Business

  • It was announced that Jocelyn Williams from Annapolis Cove has taken Paul Behrends place on the board; welcome Jocelyn
  • It was also announced that Susan Lapides has taken over as Rental Coordinator effective the end of August
  • Jay Green, who is not present, fell and broke his leg on Friday while delivering mail to the treasurer’s home

This evenings meeting only had 3 – 4 items on the Agenda:

1. Brief review of financials to date

2. Discussion and review of 2013 pool season and what items went well and which items we could improve upon for 2014

3. Pool furniture to include chaise lounges, high-back chairs, umbrellas and stands

4. Guest passes and fees

  • A review of the financials to date show that gross revenues are up through the end of the season based largely on membership from swim team families, fundraising and reduced expenses to date. Ahead or on budget to date in most categories. Still have one more fundraiser for season, 5k on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Open discussion and regarding 2013 season and what went well and not so well. It was the general consensus of the board members attending:

Good/Well                                                                                                          Bad/Not so Well

Check-in                                              Swim Team                                         Outside Membership

Guards                                                 NAAC Rentals                                    Guest Fees

Cleanliness                                         GOYBAS                                               Bathrooms/dirty

Outside Membership                     Lessons                                                                Furniture/Umbrellas

Social Parties                                      Winter Storage                                 St Anne’s School use

Communication                                                                                                                Parking issues


Boat Rack


The Snack Bar fell in between both categories and it was agreed that next year we needed to define some specific hours and pay closer attention to the menu items offered.

  • Bill reported that a lot of the pool furniture was damaged in one way or another, especially the umbrella stands and the high back chairs and the remaining metal lounge chairs are coming apart too. There have been complaints over the last couple years about the lounge chairs. As discussed at last meeting, it was agreed that we need to replace the furniture in whole for next year or start phasing in new furniture. The umbrellas stands are no longer holding the umbrellas and a handful of safety issues have arisen as umbrellas have left the stands in wind and hit various members – a serious safety issues with potential large liability for the pool. A subcommittee of Cindy Wells, Jocelyn Williams and Parker Jones was formed to bring forth some options for furniture that will fit and be cost effective. Like to see some samples or have a rep come to one of the next two meetings.
  • The on-going discussions of the guest fees and guest policy was discussed as we continue to all disagree about what the fees should be, how many guests should be allowed, what the original policy is and was and how do we agree on what the new policy should be going forward – if any changes should be made at all? Some of the suggestions were: pre-paid punch cards for guests, free guests daily versus no free guests, 10 free per season, price per guest. Agreed that a complete review of the guest policy and fees should be a future meeting and discussion.

As a final note, Bill met with DRD staff before putting the cover on the pool. We reviewed the condition of the pool surface, coping stones, tiles, water and equalizer issues. The pool surface has a few holes in it that have been patched over the last two years. We also have a large crack that has been evident for quite some time at the corner of the pool by the lap lane. The surface appears to be in decent shape but is showing signs of age with staining, some cracking, hollow areas and uneven surfaces. The blue tile is clearly in need of replacement as spalling (chipping) exists around the entire perimeter. The coping stones are faded and the entire perimeter caulk needs replacement. We have at least one more season with the current equalizers in place before the county will make us replace them per code (which really should have been replaced 2 – 3 years ago). The water in the pool is now 7 – 8 years old and likely needs to be drained and replaced. With all that said, we think the pool can make it one more year before we should go forward with total plaster, tile, coping stones, caulk and water replacement – a $60,000 cost to re-plaster the pool. Bill suggested that we plan to re-plaster after next season in spring of 2015. We can get by one more year with just some caulking repairs although the pool does not look its best with chipped tiles and faded coping stones. Two further notes, the wading pool was re-plastered in spring of 2012 and is holding up well. The pool cover is beginning to show signs of dry rot and a few tears. It likely has a life of 3 – 5 years at most. This is an approximately $10,000 replacement.

Meeting Schedule –   The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 8, 7:00PM.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.

Respectfully submitted:  Bill Thomas, acting BRPA Secretary