January 17, 2007 Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:10 PM at the BRCA Marina Clubhouse. The President, Doug Vaughters, chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Paul Behrends, Carlene Cassidy, Pam Jacobsen, and Elizabeth Taylor. A quorum was present to allow the board to transact business.

Minutes Approved:
Reading of the minutes for the July Board Meeting was waived. The meeting minutes were approved as posted on the BRPA Web Page.

Old Business

Pool Management Contract Issues – Doug Vaughters presented the current status of contract negotiations. The following items were addressed:

  • DRD is proposing having three lifeguards on duty full time. They will also have a gate guard on duty from Noon to 7:00 PM. One of the three pool lifeguards will man the gate from 10:00 AM to Noon, and from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. DRD feels this coverage will be adequate because of the low volume of attendance during those periods. The “off-duty” guard manning the gate may be temporarily away from the gate while doing water analysis or similar tasks.
  • It has been noted that the current DRD proposal has a lot of legal verbiage addressing responsibilities. A number of the legalese sections appear to tighten the definitions of responsibilities of DRD and the Pool Association. It is understood that these changes are the result of DRD’s experience during the last summer. Some changes to the contract require additional pool rules to be implemented and adopted as BRPA rules. Doug noted that Kurt Karsten is reviewing the proposal wording to ensure that it meets the requirements of our insurance coverage.

Membership Renewal – The steps to be taken for getting membership renewals in a timely manner were discussed. Items addressed included:

  • The Association’s goal is to at least maintain the current level of membership. The Association also wants to encourage greater participation in the BRPA by members of the Annapolis Cove residents.
  • Carlene Cassidy will forward a copy of last year’s letter to Doug Vaughters, who will prepare the cover letters for mailing of the invoices. This letter will also include known events planned during the season, such as the monthly Pool Parties, swim team meet dates.
  • Grahame Rice will print the membership renewal invoices within the next two weeks. The intent is to send out the invoices by early February, which would lead to returns by mid-March.
  • To support the invoice preparation, Elizabeth Taylor and Pam Jacobsen will develop member guest usage information for billing on the invoices.
  • Carlene Cassidy will update the various membership forms to reflect 2007.

Bay Ridge Pool Association Web Site – Paul Behrends reported on the current status of the Pool Association web site. Items addressed included:

  • The web site is up and running at (www.bayridgepool.org). The old page on the BRCA web site (www.bayridge.org) now has an automatic link to our own site.
  • Separate User IDs and passwords will be established for Bay Ridge members and Annapolis Cove members. User ID and password information will be forwarded to Pool Association members to allow their access to the new site. It is not clear whether that information has been passed to the Annapolis Cove members of the Association.

New Business:

Preparations for Season Opening – Preparations for this year’s opening were discussed. Items addressed included:

  • A work day will be needed to make minor repairs and clean up the pool area in preparation for the season. It was noted that Mike Drum will chair the work day effort.
  • It was noted that the poolside umbrellas are in poor repair. Doug Vaughters recommended that when the local stores (i.e., Sam’s Club) receive the season’s umbrellas, that the pool association purchase the required umbrellas without further discussion within the Board.
  • Rob Bontempo has agreed to provide “handy-man” services for the pool.
  • Pam Jacobsen noted that the picnic tables in the pool area are in very bad condition. She suggested that replacement of the tables could be a worthy Eagle Scout project. She will contact the troop whose Scout built the BRCA booths as a project to see if there would be any interest in such a project.
  • A Volunteer’s night out will also be planned. This will be a period of late evening swimming set aside specifically for the BRPA volunteers from the work day and other volunteer activities. It should be noted that this is intended to be a low-key event: an opportunity to swim past normal closing times, but not a party.

Plans for the 2007 Pool Season – Activities to be scheduled for the pool season were discussed. Items addressed included:

  • Opening day for the 2007 pool season will be Saturday, May 26, 2007. The opening day festivities will include a pool party, open to all residents of Bay Ridge and Annapolis Cove communities.
  • Monthly Pool Parties are planned. The specific format is still under discussion. They may include “catered” food (i.e., BBQ, fried chicken, etc.). However, most of the plans address providing beverages, and the attendees bringing their own picnic food.
  • Again this year, the BRPA is planning to have Dave Glaser providing entertainment for the monthly Pool Parties.
  • The Bay Ridge Swim Team (Marlins) will have several meets at the pool, and are planning their annual swim-athon. Dates for these events remain to be determined.

Pool Facility Security – Carlene Cassidy discussed the means for providing security to the pool facility, especially locking of the gates. The discussion addressed the following points:

  • The combination locks do not provide adequate security. As a result of the combinations being given to all renters, they are well known within the community. With this widespread dissemination of the combinations, they have probably been passed to those who do not have a need to know the combination.
  • Carlene proposed replacing the combination pad-locks with keyed pad-locks. She noted that keyed pad-locks could restrict the number of users. The keys can be marked “Do Not Duplicate” (for an added fee). Those who need access could be issued keys.
  • The use of keyed pad-locks by renters could work easily. The renter would be given the key shortly before his rental, and would be required to return the key promptly after the rental.
  • It was noted that the use of a keyed pad-lock on the parking lot gate would probably not be appropriate. The parking lot needs to be accessible to all members of the Bay Ridge Community, as well as CBF (for their official functions).
  • Doug Vaughters noted that the use of keyed pad-locks will be the subject of further consideration by the BRPA Board.

Meeting Schedule:
The schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:

  • General Meeting –Tuesday, 9 April 2007 at the BRCA Marina clubhouse.
  • Board Meeting – Tuesday February 27, 2007 at the BRCA Marina clubhouse.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary