June 13, 2005 – General Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:05 PM at the Bay Ridge Community Clubhouse. The meeting was chaired by the President, Carlene Cassidy. Board Members present included: Jeff Bach, Paul Behrends, Chris Burkhardt, Kurt Karsten, Grahame Rice, Elizabeth Taylor, and Doug Vaughters. The eight Board Members constitute a quorum for the conduct of Pool Association business. General membership attendees included Gin Behrends, Steve Bove, Bill Davidson, Paula DeWitt, Mark Kraswczewicz, and Pat Stroop.

Minutes Approved:
Reading of the minutes was waived. Jeff Bach moved, and Grahame Rice seconded a motion to waive the reading of, and approve the minutes of the May 9, 2005 general membership meeting. The motion was approved by a voice vote.

Treasurers Report:
Grahame Rice presented the current cash status of the Pool Association. In conjunction with the financial report, the following items were discussed:
• Membership status was addressed. While the numbers of Resident Regulars and Non-Resident Regular memberships were slightly below budget, the dollar value is above budget because of new membership initiation fee receipts.
• Although current balances appear high, it must be recognized that several large expenditures are planned for later in the year.

Note of Appreciation:
On behalf of the entire Pool Association, Carlene Cassidy expressed thanks to the members who have given unstintingly of their time and effort to maintain and improve the facility and operations of the Pool Association.

Committee Reports:
Membership/Social/Recreation – Chris Burkhardt provided an update on various social and recreation activities planned for the Pool Association. Items addressed included:
• Newsletter – It was noted that previous efforts to re-establish a periodic newsletter have been unsuccessful. Chris Burkhardt is preparing the initial newsletter. Items for the newsletter will include:
• Frequently Asked Questions – These will address such items as Pool Association Membership categories and eligibility. The information will be taken directly from the Association by-laws.
• Pool Activity Calendars – Chris Burkhardt has developed calendars covering the pool season showing general activities at the pool.
• Pool Passes – Carlene Cassidy noted that, to date, she has prepared over 400 pool ID passes for members. She is continuing preparing passes as the need arises.
• Potluck Parties – The first of the season’s potluck parties will be held this Friday, 17 June, from 6-10 PM. Entertainment will be provided by Dave Glaser from 6-9PM. It was noted that Dave Glaser has agreed to provide the music for all of the scheduled potlucks for this season. An announcement will be sent to Pool Association members reminding them of the party, and recommending that they bring something to grill and something to share.
• Guests – It was noted that each membership category is allowed a number of guests each day at the pool. These guests will be accompanied by a member. Authorized guests do not include residents of Bay Ridge or Annapolis Cove. The guests will be logged into the pool area on arrival. For guests above the allowed number, the member will be billed at the end of the season.

Pool Management/Equipment/Security/Fire Protection – Carlene Cassidy discussed activities with the pool management firm (DRD). Items addressed included:
• Meetings – Carlene Cassidy and Elizabeth Taylor meet weekly with the DRD Area Manager, Hernan Padilla. These meetings allow frequent interchange of information between the Pool Association and the management firm.
• Because of recent issues at the pool, Bernadette will become the full time pool manager. A new assistant manager will be brought aboard in the near future.
• Pool Rules – It was noted that the old rules prohibited flips off the board. In discussion with DRD management, it was determined that the real concern is the dangers inherent in back flips and back dives. Therefore, only back flips and back dives are prohibited. Front flips from the boards are acceptable. In addition, the rules are being revised to reflect that only one person off the boards at one time.

Facilities/Buildings and Grounds/Erosion Control – the status of the facilities was discussed. Items noted included:
• Erosion Control Work – The erosion control work at the foot of the pool has been completed. Carlene Cassidy noted that Bill Davidson and Ken Balenske were responsible for the timely and careful completion of the work. It was noted that the rockwork has been done in a very attractive manner. Remaining to be accomplished is completion of the walkway (and stairs) to the beach. Kevin Cline is pursuing that task.
• Party Room Floor – Mark Krawczewicz noted that the hardwood floor of the Party Room is showing signs of water leakage under the finish. He also noted that the damage would be permanent. To avoid further damage, he proposes removing the existing finish (by sanding), preparing the surface and applying a commercial grade sealing floor finish. His recommendation would be a resin-based material such as Baca or Pacific Strong. He also offered to undertake that task for $500 for materials only, no charge for labor. It was recommended that the work be done after the summer season.

Rentals – Elizabeth Taylor presented the current status of facility rentals. Items addressed included:
• As an interim measure, Elizabeth has the facility rental book. She will deliver the book and information to the new Rental Coordinator, Monica Mount.
• Because of past complaints from residents adjacent to the Pool facility, renters need to be strongly advised of the need to reduce noise from parties, especially after the County Ordnance quiet hour of 11:00PM. In addition, parties should avoid creating excessively loud noise, especially live/recorded music.
• Residents are requested to contact the County Police to enforce noise restrictions during evening parties.
• It was reiterated that the Party Room facility is available for rent only when the pool is closed. That means that, during the summer season, the facility is available for rent for private parties only between the hours of 8-12 PM. Limited access to the Party Room for set up is available from 7:00-8:00 PM.
• Additionally, it was noted that the 12 Midnight closing time for parties is a fixed item. Pool Association insurance does not cover activities which occur between Midnight and 5:00AM. Mark Krawczewicz noted that the Swim Team is required to purchase additional insurance coverage for their Swim-a-Thons.

Swim Team – Mark Krawczewicz discussed the current status of the Bay Ridge Marlins youth swim team. He noted that he currently has over 160 members. Most of the members are in the under 8-year category. He stated that retaining the older swimmers is a real problem for a number of reasons: Early swim practice times; Other activities; and difficulty (as part time swimmers – summer only) remaining competitive with the other teams who swim year round. However, he is looking forward to another active swim meet season.

Old Business:
Pool Association Signs – Carlene Cassidy noted that the completion of the various signs for the pool facility area (bathroom, entrance, etc) was delayed by mis-communication with the sign maker. That issue has been resolved and the signs are expected to be ready in the near future.

Grills – Carlene Cassidy noted the members reports of pleasure with the new grills. Kurt Karsten noted that the large (75,000BTU) grill is all stainless steel, and should be used as the primary grill. The other two smaller grills should be used as additional grilling areas when needed.

Web Site – Carlene Cassidy discussed concerns with the current web site support. The primary concern is having only one person able to update the postings on the site. She requested that long-range alternatives be investigated to allow other individuals to provide updating of data on the web site. Paul Behrends agreed to undertake this investigation.

New Business:
BRPA Adult Swim Group – Doug Vaughters reviewed a proposal to establish an Adult Swim Group at the pool. This presentation addressed the following points:
• The purpose of the group is to get some exercise and learn distance-swimming technique.
• The group would meet twice a week for the course of June and July. The schedule would be to swim Tuesdays and Thursdays, from7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Due to work schedules they would like to continue swimming past the regular pool hours closing time of 8:00 until mid July. At that time the club would shift to a 7:00 –8:00 practice time.
• The group would probably require two lap lanes during that period. The pool would still be open to all during regular pool hours outside of the two lanes set aside for the Adult Swim Club
• Eligibility would be limited to BRPA members and guests only (standard guest rules apply).
• The group would provide an instructor (Jen Biscrack).
• Like the Bay Ridge Swim Team, they would be required to have a licensed lifeguard / pool operator present at all times and be covered by liability insurance.
• No fee was envisioned for the Club if no additional costs are incurred by BRPA because of the Club. If DRD is used by the Club as lifeguards, when the Club operates beyond normal pool hours, they will be responsible for the additional cost (liability insurance comes with the DRD service).
• The issue of liability coverage was raised. It was noted that DRD is responsible for the pool through their management contract. DRD insurance coverage would apply only when a DRD employee (manager) is present. If the group provides an individual who is qualified as a Life Guard, and a Pool Operator, the insurance would not cover the pool after DRD employees have left the area. It would be necessary for members of the Club to purchase insurance if DRD is not used as lifeguards. General consensus was that using DRD was probably the easiest route.
• The members in attendance seemed very receptive to the idea if the liability issues can be resolved.
• Doug Vaughters is preparing a draft Charter for the group. This charter will be provided to the BRPA Board of Directors for their review and acceptance.

Meeting Schedule:
The schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:
• Board Meeting – Tuesday, 28 June 2005.
• General Meeting – Monday, 11 July 2005.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary