June 13 2012 General Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:00 PM at the at the  BRPA Clubhouse. The President, Bill Thomas chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Bill Thomas, Kurt Karsten, Pam Jacobsen, Sherrie Kelley, Paul Behrends, Jeff Gilbert, Morgan Wells, Jay Green, Steve O’Hare and Parker Jones.
The Board Members attending represent a quorum  which  allows the board to conduct formal business.

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes of the 10 April 2012 Board meeting was waived because the meeting minutes were reviewed by the board via email, and the corrected version has been posted on the BRPA web site.

Financial Report – Sherrie Kelley provided the Treasurer’s  report a copy of which is attached to these minutes and will be separately posted on the BRPA web site. In the course of discussion of the report the  financial items addressed included:

  • Current Status – Sherrie Kelley reported that we had $166,000 in cash and $106,000 in checking account (Sherrie can you provide proper numbers here?)
  • Membership Status – Membership renewals are continuing to run behind anticipated rates.
  • Bay Ridge Members: 8 less than last year
  • Annapolis Cove: 11 less than last year

Bill Thomas suggested we print membership list from both communities from 2011 and 2012 and compare to see if we can identify families to target for membership or determine why membership has eroded a bit this year.  Sherrie Kelley will provide the printed reports to Bill Thomas  for his action.

  • Fund Raising – The board discussed several possible activities to raise additional funds to support the recent repairs to the facility.  These included:
  • Quarterly fundraising parties with Texas Hold’em, wine wheel or various cash options for raising money.  This proposal is already being done.
  • One-time assessment on each pool member
  • Offer 10 new Charter Memberships at $5,200 each (or whatever the number is?) with specific parameters for ownership
  • 5k Run, 1 mile swim and/or 1 mile fun run as an annual fundraiser; could be done in the name of Grahame Rice.  It was proposed that this idea be implemented with a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot race sponsored by the BRPA.
  • Raise annual dues
  • Sell $500 tiles with engraved design to place against back wall; one large $5,000 tile for center with BAY RIDGE MARLINS name and design at center.

After considerable discussion, several board members offered that we should do a combination of all of these ideas and more to raise money. Items A & E are already in progress. Item D it was decided that it would be a Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot race sponsored by the pool. Not to be done in the name of Grahame Rice, but the pool would offer an award in his name. 

Pool Operations – Various aspects of the pool operations were reviewed. Items addressed included:

  • Inspections – Pam Jacobsen reported on recent inspections of the pool facility.  She noted that Health Department and Fire Marshall inspections both passed on first round. She also noted that this had not happened in anyone’s most recent memory of pool. Water testing also passed from Health Department.
  • Snack Bar Operation – It was noted that the snack bar is open and running during normal pool hours under the direction of Xander Berman.  The Board expressed the desire to see an extension of the menu items offered.
  • Party and Game Equipment – It was noted that several pieces of BRPA equipment have broken. They include:
  • The Slushy/Margarita machine appears to be not working properly.   When plugged in, it opens the  line circuit breaker.  In addition, it does not appear to be freezing the mix. The  board will investigate whether the  machine is repairable, based on the cost to repair.
  • One of the lounge chairs has a broken arm.   The manufacturer is sending a new chair as well as a part to repair the broken chair.
  • Jeff Gilbert reported that he bought new paddles and new ping-pong balls. He enlisted Jay to help replace the tetherball pole and place into concrete. It was decided that instead of putting second bench on tetherball court, we would add alongside ping-pong table.
  • Pool Safety Issues – A serious accident recently occurred at the pool:
  • While using a diving board, a boy misjudged his position and hit his head on the board while executing a dive.
  • The guards took immediate action to stabilize the condition of the boy, and called 911.
  • The boy was transported to  the hospital and is doing fine.
  • The father was present and witnessed the event. He had no issues with how  the situation was handled, and praised the lifeguards for quick, and thorough action to minimize the injury.
  • Pool Security Issues – Several pool security issues were discussed.  They included:
  • Pool Access Control – Pam Jacobsen noted that DRD appears to be pleased with the new computer based sign-in system.  Pam has met with the pool staff and emphasized that photo ID is required for access to the pool.
  • Security Concerns – Bill Thomas noted that a pool bench was found propped up against the fence.  No damage was  found.
  • Surveillance Cameras – It was noted that the security cameras were not working when the bench was put up against the fence. Jeff Gilbert and Morgan Wells agreed to get the camera system functioning.  The hope to use remote access to the system to allow viewing the pool facilities via an internet connection.
  • Lifeguard Operations – Pam Jacobsen noted that the guards will be working to the following directions:
  • Guards will rotate from chairs to walking the deck. This is to patrol for trash pickup and clean up as necessary
  • The guard relieved from check in duty will check the bathrooms before going on break.
  • The guards will more carefully supervise the baby pool.  The intent is to especially keep older children out of the baby pool during adult swim  times.
  • As a result, the grounds should be checked every 15 minutes for trash or debris.
  • DRD has been requested to have all unused umbrellas down and furled (canopy tied to pole).  It was noted that two umbrellas were lost due to damage by high winds.  Bill Thomas will go to Sam’s Club to procure replacements.
  • DRD was requested to ensure that all umbrellas not in actual use be furled and tied to prevent wind damage.  Recently two umbrellas were lost due to high wind damage.  It is noted that six umbrellas have been purchased this year to replace damaged ones.  During strong wind periods, DRD was further requested to remove the furled umbrellas from there stands.

Unfinished (Old)  Business

Facility Maintenance – Several maintenance issues were discussed.  They included:

  • Landscaping – The landscape maintenance firm (R & K Landscaping) advised the BRPA that they have been turned away twice when they wanted to cut the grass inside the fence.  They have been advised that the grass inside the fence can only be mowed between 9 and 10 am. In addition, Bill Thomas noted that the charges on the latest invoice appeared high. Bill Thomas will contact R & K Landscaping to review the charges.
  • Jay Green reported that window was replaced in clubhouse and two windows need paint. Jay said he will purchase new pole for tetherball and anchor with concrete.

Membership issues – Various issues on membership categories were discussed. They included:

  • Single Membership Privileges – A motion was passed to allow a Single membership to have full Regular membership privileges with or without a pool bond in place. Single membership is $300 for Bay Ridge and $500 for Annapolis Cove and can bring guests, rent clubhouse, etc.
  • Charter Members no longer a resident – A motion was passed to create a special membership class for any Bay Ridge Charter members who may move or have moved to Annapolis Cove. Charter members would be allowed to continue their Charter membership privileges by paying the current year’s Annual/Regular membership fee (this year $430). To be approved by pool board on an annual basis. Kurt Karsten offered the motion.
  • Special Memberships for Marlin Team families – Kurt Karsten proposed a motion which was passed by a voice vote to create another special membership class to allow up to 10 families whose children are on the swim team and do not reside in either Bay Ridge or Annapolis Cove to become Annual/Regular members. Cost would be $1,000 and would come with full membership. To be approved annually by the pool board.

Facility Activities – Various Pool activities were discussed.  Items addressed included:

  • Swim Classes – Bill Thomas noted  that he thinks that he has found a viable diving coach for this  season.  He is still negotiating with the individual.
  • Pool Parties – The various future BRPA sponsored parties were discussed. These included:
  • 7 July:  Mid Summer Party, which includes a “Texas Hold’em” party.
  • 16 September: Closing Day Party

It should be noted that these dates are already posted on the BRPA Rental Calendar

Member Health Issues – Bill Thomas reported the current status of this issue:

  • He noted that he is still awaiting the proposed draft general membership letter addressing the family’s concerns relating to their son’s nut allergy.
  • Morgan Wells reported that the NO NUTS sign is in place at the pool entrance.
  •  Pam Jacobsen also noted that Cashman family had offered to pay for an automatic Emergency Defibrillator (AED) and take care of over the winter. It was noted that we had already agreed to rent an AED for the season from DRD and found that to be a cheaper, safer alternative with no responsibility to care for the machine.

New Business

Meeting Schedule:
The schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:

  • General  Meeting –Monday,  14 May 2012 at the BRCA Marina clubhouse.
  • Board Meeting – Wednesday, 11 July 2012 at the BRPA Pool.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:11 pm.

Respectfully submitted:      Paul Behrends, Secretary