June 16, 2008 General Meeting

Board Members present:

  • Pam Jacobson
  • Grahame Rice
  • Kathleen Randolph
  • Claudia Auth
  • Lucy Mulhern
  • Kurt Kartsen
  • Monica Mount
  • Rental Coordinator:  Paul Behrends
  • Member at Large:  Jeff Gilbert
  • Membership: Gin Behrends


Membership is still light in Bay Ridge, by June 16th the paid membership list should be updated.  Frank McCully will send a message that there is one more week to pay this year’s dues without incurring late fees.

Lusby’s have paid for a membership online.  Their membership fee will be refunded with a letter stating that they are not eligible for membership with out a lease and a utility bill proving residence.

  • The pool parking lot is available for the use of Bay Ridge residents.
  • The front guard procedure needs to be enforced.  Paper membership forms should be at the guard stand.
  • Masters swimming starts June 17, 2008, 7:45 -9:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • The next two pool parties are scheduled for July 20th and August 16th.
  • July 19th is the next blood drive.

DRD Issues:

  1. Guards need to have people sign in.
  2. Someone needs to sit at the desk.
  3. The front desk needs to be moved up towards the front by the gates
  4. The guards need to check the person’s name against the membership list & give a paid sticker (stickers need to be controlled).
  5. The front desk guard should ask for pool badges
  6. M. Mount will give the paid stickers to Sharon, pool manager

DRD has requested that people renting the pool room be involved with guarding the swimmers.  The contract non-DRD lifeguards through DRD their insurance policy is behind DRD.

Kathleen Randolph will make a photo of each of the guards and a brief description of and post it.

Maintenance Issues

  • The main breaker upstairs was switched off, but there is no problem with the upstairs heat.
  • Both handicap signs are missing in the parking lot.  Pam will follow-up and buy two signs.
  • Two urinals in the men’s room are broken & Rob B. will follow-up.
  • Basketball net needs to be painted before it can be put back up because it is rusty.  (Grahame will ask Rob Bontempo if he can get it painted).
  • Tom Stuckey has some bushes from the Front Gate that BRPA may use to landscape.
  • There needs to be a switch that is accessible to light the breezeway.  The current switch is in the guard room and members who rent the room do not have access to the switch.  Grahame will ask Rob Bontempo to follow-up.
  • One of the braces broke on the lifeguard chair near the deep end .  Kathleen will check tomorrow.  There is a box in the swim team closet

Party Room Rentals

During the second weekend of September, the GASL Greater Annapolis Swim League would like to use the beach in front of the pool, the parking lot and bathrooms at the pool.

Paul Behrends received a request to have a wedding in September after the pool is closed.  Anyone who rents the pool will need to pay for all of the utility fees incurred including the pumps.  The pumps need to be kept running from the pool closing through the time of the party.  The renter must also pay for guards for the full duration of the party and a chemical cost, if there is one.

The next General meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 15, 7 pm at the marina.