June 29, 2004 – Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:05 PM at the pool. The meeting was chaired by the Association President, Paul Behrends. Board Members present included: Bill Cable, Kevin Cline, Grahame Rice, Tom Stuckey, Patrick Winterschladen, Jeff Bach and Carlene Cassidy. General membership in attendance Chris Burkhardt.

Old Business:

Minutes of the May Board Meeting were read and approved.

New Business:

Membership Rolls Update:

  • President Behrends indicated that updating the computer files was proceeding and current membership forms are being added to the data base.

Grounds Maintenance contract with Bay Ridge Lawn and Landscape:

  • Jeff will contact Bay Ridge to follow up on the cutting area and repairing the drain cover near the basketball hoop.

Insurance for the Pool liability and causality:

  • Kurt Karsten will meet with Erin Rice to resolve issues of which insurance carrier to use.

Maintenance/ Process issues:

  • Building maintenance issues were again discussed and the following actions agreed to by the board:
  • Paul will contact the Pool management to get the daily expected schedule of cleaning and trash removal in an attempt to see if we need to request modification or simply use the Clean Up Committee to supplement the process.
  • Paul will contact Calvert Trash to move the dumpster to the far end of the parking lot.
  • Tom will collect information from past and present officers to begin to compile an operations manual to create a task list for future reference. Focus on regular open and closing tasks.
  • Carlene will check with Kurt on his inquiry about the source of the Fort Howard towel refills and will determine best source for future supplies. Suggestions included looking into Sysco or Adams Burch for regular delivery of same.
  • Kevin offered and the board agreed to remove the Basketball pole from the parking lot.

Acquisitions approved:

  • Kevin offered and agreed to obtain a replacement pool side basketball hoop and a wagon to transport the trash cans – a motion to approve an expense not to exceed $350 was unanimously approved.


  • The board discussed the inconsistent policy that has been applied to the use of the pool party room during pool hours. All agreed they would send their suggestions to Paul who will assemble them and circulate to the board to facilitate decisions.
  • There was agreement to assemble essential behavior rules for the pool to simplify and post to improve communication among the poll users.
  • Paul will draft a thank you note from the board to send to the Humphries for their extraordinary efforts cleaning up the facility and for the donation of a new refrigerator in the kitchen area for inclusion in the July BRCA Newsletter.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Bill Cable, Secretary