March 30, 2004 – Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:20 PM at the Pool House. The meeting was chaired by the Association President, Patrick Winterschladen. Board Members present included: Patrick Winterschladen, Jeff Bach, Kevin Cline, Bill Cable, Keith Porterfield, Kurt Karsten and Paul Behrends. The attendees met the quorum requirements for formal Board actions.

Old Business: 
No old business was discussed.

New Business:

  • Repairs – The following repair items were identified as needing action prior to the formal opening of the pool for the season:
  • The damaged picket fence needs repairs. It was decided that the best approach would be to buy a new section of the prefabricated fence and use the existing badly damaged section for repair parts to the remainder of the fence.
  • Non-functioning “Exit” and emergency lights need replacement bulbs or other parts.
  • The perimeter fence at the north seaward end of the pool is unsupported. As a result of Hurricane Isabel, the ground has subsided well below the fence. The proposed action will install a diagonal fence avoiding the damaged corner. Jeff Bach moved, and Paul Behrends seconded the motion to move the fence to solid ground. A quote to perform the work will be obtained from Tracy Altman.
  • Kevin Cline will take action on these items

Season Opening – Preparations for the season opening were discussed. Items addressed included:

  • The pool will be uncovered in the near future in order to prepare it for the coming season. A working party will be assembled to install the temporary fence.
  • The pool facility passed the annual safety inspection with no documented deficiencies.

Long Range Repairs/Maintenance – The following maintenance items were discussed.

  • The interior of the party room needs repainting, including dry-wall repairs prior to painting. A painter was identified as a probable contractor. Kurt Karsten will take action to get a quote on this work.
  • The ceiling fans in the picnic area of the first floor of the building are in poor condition. It was agreed that the fans need to be replaced. Kevin Cline will take action to replace the fans.

Recovery from Hurricane Isabel – The repairs to the beach and bluff area in the pool area was discussed. Kurt Karsten noted that the proposed approach will be to continue the new slope created north of Herndon through the pool property. Beach access will be provided by a concrete inclined ramp over the new sloped surface.

Bay Ridge Beach Party – Patrick Winterschladen noted that the BRPA Board was approached by the Chairman of the Annual Bay Ridge Beach Party about possible use of the pool house and grounds as a “second backup” for the beach. Items addressed in the discussion included:

  • This backup would be used in the event inclement weather made the beach and the BRCA Clubhouse and grounds unusable.
  • The Beach Party Committee request includes:
  • Exclusive use of the pool and buildings for the duration of the party. This would call for closing the pool at 5:00 PM on the evening of the party.
  • The Beach Party requests the use of the facilities without charge.
  • Although the Beach Party would use the facilities only in the event of inclement weather or conditions, and the BRCA Club House is not available, BRPA would be expected to not rent the facility to private parties for that night.
  • Kurt Karsten proposed a resolution, which was passed by voice vote. The resolution is: “Resolved: That the night of Beach Party shall be blacked out for rental for this year, 2004, on account of the damage sustained by the BRCA clubhouse due to Hurricane Isabel, without any rental charged to BRCA, but the issue would be revisited next year. Advance notice of the blackout will be given to pool members, but the pool will not be closed early in the event the Pool is in fact used as a third back up facility due to the inconvenience that would pose to many members who may have pre-existing plans to use the pool.”

Meetings – Bay Ridge Pool Association meetings scheduled for the month of April 2004 include:

  • 12 April 2004 – 7:00 PM – General meeting at the Pool House.
  • 27 April 2004 – 7:00 PM – Board meeting at the Pool House.
  • Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:103 PM.

Respectfully Submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary