March 30, 2010 Board Meeting

Board Members Present

  • Grahame Rice, President
  • Jeff Gilbert
  • Pam Jacobsen, Vice President
  • Bruce Reiter, Annapolis Cove Designee
  • Kathleen Randolph
  • Morgan Wells
  • Paul Behrends
  • Monica Mount, Secretary

Board Members Not Present

  • Sherry Kelley, Treasurer
  • Claudia Auth
  • Kurt Karsten

Meeting Summary

Important 2010 dates (also online):

TBD (April 25th ?) – swim team sign up and in person BRPA registration
May 8th – 1st clean up day
May 16th – 2nd clean up day
May 29th – opening day (also the 10th anniversary celebration)
June 26th – pool party
June 30th – relay carnival
July 17th & 18th – swimathon
July 24th – pool party
Approx. August 14th (<11am) – Navy will use the pool bathrooms- BRPA can sell concessions
August 21st – pool party


Room rentals which provide a community service (e.g. yoga) will be charged $25 if all attendees are residents of Bay Ridge and Annapolis Cove, otherwise the fee is $50.

The BRPA will rent the bathrooms on (or near) the morning of August 14th for the Navy meet.

Action Items

1. Post a calendar at the pool in the first bulletin board which include pool parties and swim team schedule. (Kathleen)
2. Put signs on the exterior parking gates: “Gates will be locked after pool hours”
3. Post paid memberships on the BRPA website, newsletter, or pool
4. Schedule a movie night for the pool
5. Post an announcement in the newsletter to get nominees for President, Vice-President and Secretary. Sherry Kelly will remain as treasurer.

Pool Clean Up Projects

• Bulk head underneath the deck further behind the archway, the drywall is rotting, it may be leaking
• Clean freezer
• The pergola needs repair because of the snow
• Grills – we need to buy two new ones
• Move the fence
• Refinish the floors upstairs. It is duradeck and should have a 30 year warranty.
• Picnic table & chairs (six 6’ picnic tables)
• Paint main gate
• Paint light house
• Lock the window in the vending machine room

Purchases Needed

• Two grills
• 30 chairs $19 per chair at Target this week (3/30)
• 6 picnic tables
• A new lock for the outside gate
• Diving board
• Flowers (Pam)

Recent Improvements

The baby gates were re-welded.

2010 Registration

Registration will be done on line via the BRPA website and payment will be received by check (sent to 2 Herndon Avenue). Bruce Reiter has created a login via the website which will be ready by mid-April. This will save the cost of paying an outside vendor to track our registrations, and also saves the credit card fee. The cost of 2010 pool registration is the same as 2009. Last year’s registration list will be used as a starting point for this year’s database.

Proposed Camera System

Jeff Gilbert proposed the purchase of a surveillance camera system which would be similar to the one already installed at the marina. The initial cost for a four camera system would be $580. In addition to the four cameras, the cost includes a CPU with a digital video recorder. A week’s worth of video can be saved on a flash drive.

The following items need further discussion:

1. Installation costs needs to be determined.
2. Ongoing review of video (internal or external source can review)
3. Hard wiring vs. batteries
a. Hardwiring the cameras is better, but more costly up front
b. Batteries need to be replaced weekly
4. Location of the monitor (guard shack, or other locked location)
5. Camera location options (looking at entrance, looking towards the boardwalk/ bike rack, in the hallway facing the guard desk, eve of the deck to incorporate diving well, baby area)
6. A sign could be posted stating that “This area is being monitored by surveillance cameras.”

It was noted that last year the pool was broken into 2-3 times. The vending machine room was broken into in previous years.