May 10, 2004 – General Meeting

The meeting was chaired by the Association President, Patrick Winterschladen and convened at 7:08 PM at the Bay Ridge Pool Association Meeting Room.

Board Members present (which represented a quorum) included: Patrick Winterschladen, Keith Porterfield, Tom Stuckey, Kurt Karsten and Paul Behrends.

  • General Members present included Carlene Cassidy.
  • Tom Stuckey moved that: “The reading of the minutes from the previous Board and General meetings be waived and the minutes be accepted as circulated.” Kurt Karsten seconded the motion, which was passed by a voice vote.


  • Old Business
  • Financial Status – The financial status was not presented due to the absence of the treasurer, Jeff Bach.
  • Pool Liability Insurance – Kurt Karsten discussed the status of Pool Association insurance. He noted:
  • He is still awaiting details of the insurance coverage proposed by Erin Rice. She is getting a new quote given the current conditions.
  • She is going to double-check that the coverage contemplates the pool facility being in use all year.
  • The current policy has not yet been billed. Therefore, it appears that the policy could be terminated at any time without financial impact.
  • Kurt noted that the coverage would need to be increased to meet the state requirement for coverage of $750,000.
  • By Law Changes – A proposal to change the Pool Association by- laws which specify the board composition was discussed. Because of demographic changes, it has been proposed that the required composition of the board be changed to reduce from 3 to 2 the board member overlaps between the Pool Association and the Community Association.
  • The current composition requirements were established when it was decided to form a separate Pool Association. The intent was to insure good communication between the Community Association and the Pool Association.
  • It has been increasingly difficult to get specific candidates elected to both the Community Association and Pool Association boards, and it seems that good communications can be maintained by having two overlapping board members since the organizations will not have to rely on only one person to make meetings.

A motion to adopt the proposal was made by Kurt Karsten, and seconded by Tom Stuckey. The motion was approved by unanimous voice vote.

  • Election of Board Members – The following actions were taken with regard to election of new board members:
  • Two positions on the board will be vacated as a result of Keith Porterfield and Michelle Lapides completing their terms of service on the board.
  • Two Pool Association members were nominated by the nominating committee to fill the two vacancies. They are:
  • Carlene Cassidy
  • Graham Rice (who has agreed to accept the job of treasurer from the retiring treasurer, Jeff Bach)
  • Tom Stuckey moved that the two be accepted as new board members. The motion was seconded by Paul Behrends, and passed unanimously by a voice vote.
  • New Business
  • Grounds Maintenance – Patrick Winterschladen noted that he had received a quote from the long-term groundkeeper (Butch Frost).
  • The quote is approximately 10% higher than last year’s contract price.
  • Kurt Kartsen moved that the quote be accepted and that the Pool Association renews the contract with Butch Frost. The motion was seconded by Tom Stucky, and passed with a voice vote.
  • Opening Day Party – Plans for an opening day party for the pool were discussed. Items addressed included:
  • It was noted that Lee Ann Dunbar may be arranging the party.
  • Entertainment for the party was discussed. It was considered a good idea, assuming a nominal cost.
  • It should be advertised that the Pool Association Social fund provides for entertainment as well as drinks.
  • Kurt Karsten moved that “Opening day activities will be open to all Bay Ridge residents (whether or not Pool Association members) for the full day.” The motion was seconded by Carlene Cassidy, and passed with a unanimous voice vote.
  • Meetings – Bay Ridge Pool Association meetings scheduled for the next month include:
  • 25 May 2004 – Pool Association Board Meeting
  • To select Board Officers
  • 7 June 2004 – Pool Association General Meeting
  • To present Board Officers to the general membership.
  • Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 7:56PM

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary