May 31, 2005 – Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 6:01 PM at the Pool House. The meeting was chaired by the President, Carlene Cassidy. Board Members present included: Carlene Cassidy, Jeff Bach, Paul Behrends, Chris Burkhardt, Kevin Cline, Grahame Rice, Elizabeth Taylor, and Doug Vaughters. Also attending were committee chairs: Trina Burks (Rentals) and Claudia Auth (Swim Team).

Minutes Approved:
Reading of the minutes for the April 26 Board Meeting was waived by a voice vote. The minutes meeting were approved.

Treasurers Report:
Grahame Rice presented the current financial status of the Association. The report was approved by a voice vote. The Financial Report is attached.

Old Business:
Membership Renewal Status – Grahame Rice discussed the progress on membership renewals. Points addressed included:
• We are at about 91% (133 renewals of 146 budgeted) of Bay Ridge Resident Regular renewals, and about 93% (65 renewals of 70 budgeted) of Annapolis Cove renewals. Jeff Bach voiced the concern of the Board of Directors at the need to encourage further membership from Annapolis Cove.
• Although the membership numbers are not up to budget, the membership income has been enhanced by the receipt of initiation fees for several new regular memberships.
• It was noted that efforts are continuing to reach all of Annapolis Cove residents to encourage their continuing membership.
• The President tasked Elizabeth Taylor and Chris Burkhardt to audit the BRPA membership to ensure that all Bay Ridge Resident Regular members are current members of the BRCA.

Pot Luck Parties – It was noted that the Pot Luck Parties have been scheduled for the summer. Items discussed included:
• The next party is scheduled for June 17. The parties are scheduled to last from 6PM to 9PM. It will include live music from 6 PM to 9 PM by Dave Glaser
• Entertainment for the full Pot Luck Party schedule has been arranged. It was noted at the meeting that Dave Glaser has agreed to provide live music for at least three of the Pot Luck Parties this summer in exchange for complimentary membership in the Pool Association.

Pool Maintenance Issues – The board discussed several pool area maintenance issues. These included:
• Plumbing Repairs – Paul Behrends reported that the repair of the outside shower faucet has been completed. It was also noted that the shower in the men’s room was not working properly. Paul Behrends agreed to investigate and repair as necessary.
• Platform Repairs – It was noted that the platform adjacent to the pool house has a large hole in it. It is considered a safety issue. Kevin Cline will install a patch over the hole.
• Umbrella Repairs – It was noted that one of the pool side umbrellas is inoperative. Kevin Cline will try to enlist the services of Bill Cable to repair the umbrella.
• Painting – It was noted that the new railing columns on the second floor of the pool house have been primed. Kevin Cline noted that a painting party would be needed to finish the painting. It was also noted that the metal railings are beginning to show signs of rust. It was proposed that the railings be removed, stripped, galvanize dipped, and then repainted and reinstalled. This effort would have to be planned during a period when the party room is not being rented.
• Pool Drain Covers – It was noted that the poolside drain covers can be unstable when not fully screwed into their fixtures. Carlene Cassidy and Elizabeth Taylor will bring the issue to the Pool Management Company’s attention in their next weekly meeting with the DRD Pool Manager.
• Furniture Repairs – It was noted that the wrought iron furniture pool side is in poor condition. In order to provide more clear space around the pool it was decided to dispose of the wrought iron furniture. It was also noted that the square pool side tables are in poor condition. It was recommended that the tabletops be replaced with marine plywood.

New Business:
Membership Eligibility – The issue of eligibility for membership in BRPA was discussed. Items addressed included:
• There have been several instances where individuals who do not actually reside in Bay Ridge have applied for membership in BRPA (either new membership or renewal).
• In some cases, the application was made by a Bay Ridge resident for non-resident family or friends.
• The by-laws define eligibility as being a resident of Bay Ridge (and a member of the BRCA), or a resident of Annapolis Cove. The question then becomes “what is the definition of a resident.”
• At the meeting, it was proposed to consider opening membership up to other communities beyond Annapolis Cove. It was noted that there might be some legal issues involved, and the subject would require further investigation.
• Carlene Cassidy will investigate the subject further to get definitive positions.

Post Party Cleanliness – The issue of cleans up of the pool house and vicinity after facility rentals was discussed. Items addressed included:
• Carlene Cassidy noted that, after a recent rental, the second floor of the pool house had not been properly cleaned. There was debris on the floor of the party room, the lavatories were not cleaned, and the balcony deck had flower petals ground into the surface.
• The board agreed that it has been difficult to get users to clean up after parties adequately, and in a timely manner.
• The options available included raising the Cleaning Deposit and enforce withholding it if the spaces were not properly cleaned; or, hiring a cleaning service to clean after all rental events.
• After discussing the options available, Jeff Bach moved that “The BRPA Board hire a professional cleaning service to clean after each party, and attach a cleaning fee to the rental fee.” The motion was seconded by Elizabeth Taylor, and passed with a voice vote. Grahame Rice will investigate the costs of such a service.

Future Projects – Future construction or improvement projects were discussed. These included:
• Boundary Fence – It was suggested that the boundary fence be relocated to increase the protected grounds around the pool. Kevin Cline agreed to investigate the costs of the proposed relocation of the fence.
• Steps to the Beach – Kevin Cline discussed adding steps to the beach from the boardwalk now that the beach repairs have been completed. As a result of those repairs, the proposed location of the steps would be offset from the boardwalk by about 16 inches. In order to make it look less like a repair, he proposed putting in a landing to allow the offset. Carlene Cassidy agreed to present the proposal to the BRCA for their funding up to a maximum of $400.

BRPA Adult Swim Group – Mike Mulhern made a presentation to the Board on a proposal to establish a Bay Ridge Adult Swim group. This presentation addressed the following points:
• The group would meet twice a week for the course of June and July. The schedule would be to swim Tuesdays and Thursdays, from7:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
• The group would probably require two lap lanes during that period.
• The group would provide an instructor (Jen Biscrack).
• There would be two sub-groups: Speed training, and General conditioning.
• Mike Mulhern noted that DRD management has expressed support for such an activity.
• The issue of liability coverage was raised. It was noted that DRD is responsible for the pool through their management contract. It is not immediately clear if DRD would be able to allow use of the pool without their lifeguards present. It was noted that such an arrangement currently exists with the swim team. The need for lifeguards will be pursued with DRD by Carlene Cassidy.

BRPA Activity Calendar – Paul Behrends made a presentation on posting the BRPA activity calendar on our web site. Items addressed included:
• A calendar frame would be established on our web page by the web-master.
• To allow timely updates to the calendar, a selected member of the Board would have direct access to update the established frame. This would require the purchase of the needed software and its installation on the updater’s computer.
• The software is considered (by the web master) as user friendly. It is designed to be used by non-web masters to allow modifying web pages.
• After discussion of some details, the board was in general agreement to pursue this effort.
• Trina Burks agreed to handle updating the calendar until she completes her term as the Rental Chairman. It was noted that the calendar updating would become a part of the Rental Chairman’s job.
• Jeff Bach moved that ”The BRPA Board take action to purchase the needed software to implement the on-line calendar functions.” The motion was seconded by Doug Vaughters, and passed with a voice vote.
• Paul Behrends will arrange for procuring the software and getting the needed training for the users.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary