May 8, 2012 General Meeting

The meeting convened at 8:20 PM at the at the home of the Association Secretary, Paul Behrends. The President, Pam Jacobsen, chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Pam Jacobsen, Jay Green, Sherrie Kelley, Bill Thomas, Jeff Gilbert, Parker Jones, Kurt Karsten, and Paul Behrends. General Membership representation included: Bruce Reiter and Gin Behrends. The eight Board Members attending represent a quorum which allows the board to conduct formal business.

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes of the 10 April 2012 Board meeting was waived because the meeting minutes were reviewed by the board via email, and the corrected version has been posted on the BRPA web site.


Financial Report – Sherrie Kelley provided the Treasurer’s  report a copy of which is attached to these minutes and will be separately posted on the BRPA web site. In the course of discussion of the report the  financial items addressed included:

  • Membership Status – Membership renewals are running behind anticipated rates.
  • Bay Ridge Members: 75 (including 1 annual and 1 single memberships).
  • Annapolis Cove: 31

It was noted that additional publicity on membership renewals would be provided.  A broadcast e-mail will be sent.

  • BRPA Tax Status – With the thought of raising money through donations, the question of tax status of the BRPA was discussed. Kurt Karsten noted that the Association is a section 501c(7) non-profit organization. Since it is not a charitable organization under section 501c(3) of the IRS code, donations are not tax exempt for the donor.
  • Tax Filing – the Board reviewed the current IRS Form 990 to be submitted for this tax year.

Motion:  Kurt Karsten moved that “Sherrie Kelley be authorized to submit the BRPA’s IRS Form 990 by mid-June.” The motion was seconded by Bill Thomas and passed with a voice vote.
Unfinished (Old)  Business

Rental Issues – Paul Behrends discussed the status of pool facility rentals. Items addressed included:

  • He noted that, for the current year to date, rentals have been running siginificantly below the averages for the preceding 5 years.
  • There is one rental for the month of May (18 May). Bill Thomas and Jay Green will ensure that the chain link security fence is installed to support the party.
  • The Board discussed the need to market to BRPA and BRCA members, the use of the club house facilities for private parties.

Pool Facility Use – The use of the pool facilities by various activities was discussed. The discussion addressed the following points:

  • It was noted that there have been few rentals of the facility during the mid-week periods of Pool Season.
  • The Master’s swim sessions (GOYBAS) are currently scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week between the start of pool season and mid-August. Those scheduled dates are posted on the Pool Rental Calendar.
  • One conflict has arisen this year: An individual wanted to rent the facility on a Thursday evening. This conflict was resolved by the GOYBAS moving that one session to another date.
  • In the course of the discussion, the GOYBAS noted that they are unwilling to, as a matter of course, automatically relinquish the scheduled swim periods to accommodate other rentals at the same time. They will consider negotiating schedule conflicts as they arise.
  • It was proposed that the GOYBAS schedule be removed from the Rental Calendar to allow more interest in mid-week rentals. However, the Board agreed that the GOYBAS sessions should remain on the rental calendar.

Facility Activities – Various Pool activities were discussed. Items addressed included:

  • Swim Classes – Bill Thomas noted  that he thinks that he has found a viable diving coach for this  season.  He is still negotiating with the individual.
  • Pool Parties – The various BRPA sponsored parties were discussed. These included:
  •  Arbor Day Party: The party was a fund raiser for the BRPA. It included a Texas Hold’um game as well as sale of several donated trees.    Although all the costs are not in, it appears to have made a significant profit.
  • 26 May: Opening Day Party: It was noted that the party does not currently have a theme. It was proposed that the BRPA Margarita machine  be used for the party. Costs of the Margarita machine could be offset through the use of a “tip jar.” Parker Jones noted that he is organizing this party.
  • 7 July:  Mid Summer Party
  • 16 September: Closing Day Party

It should be noted that these dates are already posted on the BRPA Rental Calendar

Member Health Issues – Bill Thomas reported the current status of this issue:

  • He noted that he is still awaiting the proposed draft general membership letter addressing the family’s concerns relating to their son’s nut allergy.
  • The message for the proposed sign was discussed.  The board decided that the sign should be placed at the entrance. Kurt Karsten agreed to provide draft wording for the signs.
  • It was also noted that there will be no items containing nut products for sale at the snack bar.

Pool Access Control – Pool access control and the member check in procedures for this year was discussed.  Items addressed included:

  • The proposed system will be computer based.  A computer will be set up at the check in area for use by the gate guard in confirming current membership of check ins.
  • The computer will be a minimal PC. Internet access will be provided by Verizon FiOS connection, which should be installed within a week.
  • The computer will have internet access to the BRPA membership list maintained by the Marlin web site.
  • The computer will have anti-pilfering devices installed.

Motion:  Bill Thomas moved that “Bruce Reiter be authorized to purchase the required computer, the cost not to exceed $400.” The motion was seconded by Parker Jones and passed with a voice vote.

Facility Maintenance –  A number of maintenance related items were discussed. They included:

  • Pool Repairs – Resurfacing of the baby pool is in progress. Glazing has been installed, and the pool  is prepped for re-coating.
  • Building Structural Repairs – Recent progress has been impaired as a result of the weather conditions.  The current status is:
    • DuraDek flooring for the balcony has been installed.
    • All drywall paneling has been installed.
    • Columns have been completed.
    • Roof work is done.
    • Painting will progress based on the weather.
  • Preparation of the Pool – It was noted that the pool filters have been successfully backflushed, and that the main pool circulation system is running on “idle”.
  • Swim Team Closet – Bruce Reiter was tasked by the board to ensure that the Swim Team Closet (ground floor, poolside of building) is cleaned up.
  • Work Day Work Lists – Jay Green reviewed a list of relatively small jobs being planned for the forthcoming workdays. The board concurred with his proposal to procure the materials needed for these jobs so that he will be prepared to execute the work as scheduled.
  • Parking Lot Lighting – Jay Green noted that the use of a timer on the parking lot lights would both  ensure that the lights are on when needed, and they would then be automatically turned off when not required.

Motion: Parker Jones moved that “Jay Green be authorized to repair or replace the parking lot light timer.” The motion was seconded by Jeff Gilbert, and passed with a voice vote.

Parking Lot Changes – Jay Green noted that the temporary fencing protecting the grassy area adjacent to the parking lot requires replacement by something more permanent. His proposal calls for installing 4×4 posts about 10 feet apart, and then stringing yellow (for visibility) plastic chain between the posts. The board agreed with the proposal.

Telephone/Computer Access – Bill Thomas noted that Verizon is scheduled to turn on FiOS telephone and internet access at the facility on 11 May 2012.

Snack Bar Operation – It was noted that Xander Berman has volunteered to run he Snack Bar for this pool season.  The proposed hours of operation will be Noon to 7 pm daily. It was also noted that the snack bar will not be selling any items containing nuts.

New Business

Use of the Facility by Key School – It was noted that Key School has requested the use of the pool parking lot and bathroom facilities to support a beach party. The Board agreed, and Pam Jacobsen will approach the School staff to request a donation for the use.

Long Range Upgrade Plans – Possible long term upgrades to the pool facility were discussed. These include:

  • Outdoor Ping Pong Table – Jeff Gilbert noted that outdoor ping pong tables are available. The cost of the table would be in the range of $1000. Balls and paddles would be additional.
  • Tether Ball – The installation of a safe tether ball court is planned. The play area will be bounded by a permanent bench arrangement.
  • Stage – The construction of a stage or an open sided pavilion to support performances at the pool was proposed. It was proposed that the stage be installed in the grassy area adjacent to the parking lot.

Election of Board Officers – Elections were held to fill the various Board Officers positions. As a result of a voice vote, the Board Officers for the coming year are:

  • President – Bill Thomas
  • Vice President – Kurt Karsten
  • Secretary – Paul Behrends
  • Treasurer – Sherrie Kelley

Five year review of By Laws – Kurt Karsten was tasked by the board to initiate the regular five year review of the Association By-Laws. He will report the results of this review to the board at the May 2012 Board Meeting.

Meeting Schedule:
The schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:

  • General  Meeting –Monday,  11 June 2012 at the BRCA Marina clubhouse.
  • Board Meeting – Tuesday 12 June 2012 at the BRPA Pool.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 10:10pm.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary