November 13, 2012 Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:42 PM at the BRPA Clubhouse. The President, Bill Thomas chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Bill Thomas, Paul Behrends,  Pam Jacobsen, Sherrie Kelley, Jeff Gilbert, Jay Green and Steve O’Hare. The Board Members attending represent a quorum which allows the board to conduct formal business.

Reading of the Minutes – The reading of the minutes of the 9 October 2012 Board meeting was waived because the meeting minutes were reviewed by the board via email, and the corrected version has been posted on the BRPA web site.


Finances – Sherrie Kelley reviewed the current financial status of the association.  Items noted included:

  • The BRPA currently has approximately $139K in cash.
  • Sherrie renewed signatures on several accounts.  The other officers involved in account signatures will need to meet and complete the signature cards for the current accounts.
  • She noted that the Community Association and the Pool Association are on the same insurance policies.  On renewal, she noted that the broker has changed, and as a result, the premiums for the various liability insurances have increased significantly.  Bill Thomas noted that he is shopping for other coverage.  He thinks that he may have a viable alternative.

Annual Budget – The proposed budget for calendar year 2013 was discussed.  Items addressed included:

  • Sherrie Kelley presented the results of the efforts of the Finance Committee.  The draft budget proposal is posted with these minutes.
  • The budget is based on estimated memberships of Bay Ridge (159) and Annapolis Cove (60).
  • Bill Thomas reviewed the approach used in developing the budget, which is based on a month by month estimate of expenses and income by various categories.
  • The impact of possible dues increases was discussed.  It was noted that the BRCA dues will have a significant increase for the calendar year 2013.  Based on this point, the board agreed that deferring any dues increase for BRPA to the future would be in the best interests of the members.
  • Although the full budget shows a full list of capital improvements, it is anticipated that some will be deferred as a result of time, material or labor limitations.
  • The budget included estimated income from four fund-raising activities over the full year.  These fund-raisers will off-set other income shortfalls.

Motion – Jay Green moved that “The annual dues for BRPA membership remain at the 2012 levels”.   The motion was seconded by Pam Jacobsen, and passed with a voice vote.

Motion – Sherrie Kelley moved that “The proposed budget for calendar year 2013 be accepted, with no change in membership dues”.  The motion was seconded by Jay Green and passed with a voice vote.

Pool and Facility Maintenance – Jay Green discussed the current status of maintenance plans for the winter.  These included:

  • It was noted that a section of the wooden poolside decking has failed.  The section failed because steel joist hangers were not used for joist support.  The section was rebuilt using new structural PT lumber, and the deck itself was replaced with a new section made of  synthetic deck materials.
  • The poolside drinking fountains are significantly corroded.  Although replacement fountains of CRES have been identified, Jay is investigating the possibility of  cleaning up  the corroded areas and avoiding the  need for immediate replacement.
  • The outside upright freezer (used for storing ice during the summer season) is defective and requires replacement.  A commercial equivalent is extremely expensive (in the range  of $2K – $4K.  Jay will investigate procuring a residential version freezer as a suitable replacement at a considerable reduction in expense.
  • It was noted that the current phase of walkway restoration has been completed.  The proposed next phase would include berms to redirect and control storm water runoff, and separate the grassy area from the parking lot.
  • The question of funding the Automatic Emergency Defibrillator for use at the pool.  The association is currently leasing it from DRD.  Bill Thomas proposed that it might be able to be funded as a contribution to the pool operation as a donation from a BR family. Bill Thomas will follow-up with the family in lieu of leasing again in 2013 from DRD.
  • Pam Jacobsen reported that the great room HVAC system was checked by maintenance personnel and found to be operating properly. The repairman noted that the air filters need to be checked and replaced regularly.

Community Events – Preparations for the BRPA sponsored Thanksgiving Day “Turkey Trot” 5K run/walk are under way..  The main goal is community participation along with a secondary purpose of raising funds for the BRPA.  Bill Thomas noted that the effort has an organizing committee of  BRPA members, but still lacks a Chairman.  The event is being well advertized in the community: a flyer was distributed with the BRCA Newsletter, and advertizing signs are being posted in the neighborhood.  In addition it is being listed in the “Running” column of the Annapolis Capital Sports section.

Conservation Easements – Bill Thomas discussed the proposal to re-assign the community’s conservation easements from the Bay Land Trust to the Scenic Rivers Trust.  Items addressed included:

  • There are three separate easements involved in this effort:  primary (on the woods themselves), subordinated (collateral for the loans to buy the woods) and a third covering the grounds of the pool, and the adjacent parking lot.
  • The primary easement and the subordinated easement contain the provision that any  transfer of the easement must be approved  by the community association.  This is an unusual provision which will require a vote by the BRCA members to approve the reassignment.
  • The easement for the grounds  of the pool and its adjacent parking lot does not contain the above provision.  As a result, that easement has already been reassigned to the Scenic Rivers Trust.
  • As a result there are no actions required by the BRPA to implement the re-assignment of the easement of the pool area property (which is owned by BRCA, and leased to the BRPA).

Meeting Schedule – The December 2012 BRPA Board meeting is canceled.  The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, 8 January 2013 at the Pool House.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 9:05PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul O. Behrends
BRPA Secretary