November 14, 2005 – General Meeting

The meeting convened at 7:07 PM at the Bay Ridge Community Clubhouse. The meeting was chaired by the President, Carlene Cassidy. Board Members present included: Jeff Bach, Paul Behrends, Chris Burkhardt, Grahame Rice, and Doug Vaughters. The six Board Members constitute a quorum for the conduct of Pool Association business. General membership attendees included Gin Behrends, Jill Madsen, and Monica Mount.

Minutes Approved:
Grahame Rice moved, and Doug Vaughters seconded a motion to waive the reading of, and approve the minutes of the September 12, 2005 general membership meeting. The motion was approved by a voice vote.

Treasurers Report: 
Presentation of the current cash status of the Pool Association was waived in view of the planned presentation of the budget to the general membership at this meeting.

Committee Reports:
Membership/Social/Recreation – Monica Mount provided an update Pool House rental status. Items addressed included:

• Pool House Rentals – Monica noted that the Pool House rental schedule is now posted on line on the Bay Ridge web site. This listing is kept up to date on essentially a daily (as changes occur) basis. It was noted that the on line schedule currently contains reservations as far out as June 2006. Monica has found it very helpful in dealing with prospective renters to allow them to check the schedule themselves. Carlene Cassidy expressed appreciation to Harry Ivrey, Monica Mount and Paul Behrends for their efforts in getting the on line schedule up and running.
• Pool House Rental Contract – It was noted that there are areas where the existing rental contract is either unclear or ambiguous. Monica Mount agreed to review the contract and offer revisions to the board of those areas which are regularly questioned.
• Pool House Cleaning – Monica Mount noted that the firm responsible for cleaning the pool house has not been consistent in their cleaning efforts. They have failed to clean the pool house the last two weeks. She will contact the firm and determine what corrective action would be appropriate.

Carlene Cassidy noted that one of the paper towel dispensers on the second floor is broken and needs repair or replacement. Monica Mount agreed to follow up with the firm providing the support of cleaning supplies.

In view of the difficulties being experienced with the current cleaning firm, Monica Mount will investigate alternative firms for cleaning after each party. Incorporating the fee charged for cleaning the party room into the rental fee was discussed.

Monica Mount reported that Sue Barrett has agreed to inspect the pool facilities immediately after each rental. Sue will advise Monica Mount of whether the facility has been adequately cleaned.

Pool Management – Carlene Cassidy discussed activities with the pool management firm (DRD). As a result of the problems experienced during the last season, the Pool Association is continuing to investigate alternatives for the coming year. Items addressed included:
• She noted that, at the October 7, 2005 Board meeting, Kurt Karsten offered several points which would favor remaining with DRD as the management firm. It is felt that, because of the loss of other pool contracts, DRD may be more amenable to our requests. These would include the Pool Association having approval authority over those personnel assigned to our pool, as well as having Noelle Navarro act as the overall pool manager.
• A committee headed by Doug Vaughters is preparing to issue a new Request for Proposals from several pool management firms (which will include DRD). Their goal is to be able to issue the RFP by early December 2005, which would allow award of the contract by late January 2006. It was agreed to table further detailed discussion of the RFP until the next board meeting on 29 November 2005.

Facilities/Buildings and Grounds/Erosion Control – the status of the facilities was discussed. Items noted included:
• Party Room Repairs – Grahame Rice reported that the new Party Room bar countertop has been installed. Some minor finishing work remains to be done. Carlene Cassidy expressed the gratitude of the Pool Association for the work done by Bob Robinson in fabricating and installing the countertop.
• Party Room Floor Refinishing – It was noted that Mark Krawczewicz has completed the refinishing of the Party Room floor. Carlene Cassidy expressed the gratitude of the Pool Association for the work done by Mark Krawczewicz and his helpers in accomplishing this major task.
• Center Door Problems – Problems with locking/unlocking the center doors to the party room were discussed. It was noted that these doors provide a historical connection with the old Bay Ridge Inn: the doors are from the old inn. Carlene Cassidy stated that the Board initially proposed replacing the doors, based on a quote received from a contractor. However, at the 7 November Board Meeting, Kurt Karsten appealed to be allowed to attempt to refurbish the doors to maintain the historic link. The Board agreed to his request. Carlene Cassidy will approach Kurt Karsten to establish a schedule for completion of the task.
• Pool Deck Equipment – It was noted that the deck umbrellas bought from Sam’s Club last season appeared to be defective, and the failed prematurely during use. Umbrellas bought in previous years from Sam’s Club seemed to survive the season in better shape than this year’s umbrellas did. Chris Burkhardt agreed to investigate approaching Sam’s Club for some compensation for the umbrellas.

Old Business: No old business was discussed.

New Business:

Pool Association Annual Budget for 2006 – Grahame Rice presented the draft budget for the Pool Association for the calendar year 2006. The budget is attached. In the course of discussing the details of the budget, the following items were addressed:

• Membership – A modest increase in the number of annual memberships is included in the budget. It is felt that this number is a reasonable number in view of past history.
• Major Repair Funding – Grahame Rice noted that his review of this year’s expenses shows that some items that appear to be covered by Reserves have been paid for out of Operations cash. He suggested that greater care in assigning expenses be taken in the coming year.
• Reserves – Grahame noted that approximately $40,000 has been accumulated in the Reserves funds. He recommended that the status of the Reserves funds be reviewed to ensure that the Association is not carrying a larger reserve fund than is reasonably required. Carlene Cassidy agreed with Grahame Rice’s recommendation and stated that the Board would undertake that review.
• Budget Approval – Jeff Bach moved, and Chris Burkhardt seconded a motion to “approve the BRPA Budget for the Calendar Year 2006, as presented and adjusted at this meeting”. The motion was passed with a voice vote.

Meeting Schedule:
The schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:
• Board Meeting – Tuesday, 29 November 2005.
• General Meeting – Monday, 13 February 2006.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary