November 7, 2005 – Board Meeting


The meeting convened at 7:13 PM at the home of Grahame Rice. The meeting was chaired by the President, Carlene Cassidy. Board Members present included: Carlene Cassidy, Jeff Bach, Paul Behrends, Chris Burkhardt, Grahame Rice, Elizabeth Taylor, and Kurt Karsten. A quorum was present to allow the board to transact business.

Minutes Approved

Reading of the minutes for the September 27 Board Meeting was waived by a voice vote. The meeting minutes were approved as posted on the BRPA Web Page.

Financial Report

The presentation of the formal monthly financial report was waived in view of having the review of the forthcoming (2006) annual budget on the agenda for this meeting.

Old Business

Contract Review Status – The status of the preparation of the pool management contract bid request was discussed. Items addressed included:
• Doug Vaughters is preparing a new formal Request for Proposal.
• It was suggested that the current contract be used as a guide in developing a new formal Request for Proposal.
• It was further noted that the new RFP should include a penalty clause for non-performance to the contract.
• The time line for requesting offers, and executing a contract was discussed. The initial thought was to have the contract in place in the February-March time frame. Kurt Karsten noted that the business approach of pool companies is to staff their “keys” pools first, and then fill in the latter pool staffing with what is left. Because of its visibility, BRPA has been a “key” pool for DRD. Therefore, his recommendation is to put forward the request for offers as soon as possible, with the goal of executing the contract before the end of this calendar year.
• Kurt Karsten further noted that the Pool Association should try to stay with DRD. As a result of the problems from this last season, we may be in a better negotiating position with DRD, a firm with which we are familiar. We should also give consideration to pushing for some personnel replacements from DRD.

Membership Renewal Status – The approach for getting next year’s membership renewals was discussed. Items addressed included:
• The time planned frame includes sending out the renewal notices in February, and calling for memberships dues to be paid in March.
• It was also noted that the Association needs to more strongly emphasize the availability of the Non-Resident (Annapolis Cove) memberships. The point that the current Non-Resident members are valued members of the Association and there is no intent to push them out of the association needs continuing emphasis.

Annual Budget Development – Grahame Rice (Treasurer) presented the draft CY2006 annual BRPA budget. The budget was reviewed in detail by the Board. Significant points addressed during the review included:
• Elizabeth Taylor provided a detailed estimate from Annapolis Painting for the repairs to the exterior stucco, as well as other items. Because of the size of the estimate, the Board agreed to prioritize the items for budget purposes.
• Some questions were raised about the cash flow and the status of the reserves. The initial budget shows a net negative cash flow; however, the only impact of this deficit would be a reduced contribution to the BRPA reserves. Grahame Rice will perform a Reserve Analysis to ensure that the reserves are appropriate and adequate for their intended use.
• In view of the concerns, it was suggested that the Board consider increasing the annual membership cost by 5% instead of the originally planned 3%. In addition, stronger enforcement of guest fees is needed.
• It was noted that some families whose children are members of swim team are not members of the Association. It was proposed that a surcharge be levied on those swim team members who are not members of BRPA.
• Based on his further review, Grahame will revise the proposed budget to incorporate those items addressed at the meeting. The revised draft will be provided to the Board members by email this week.
• The budget will be presented to the general membership at the 14 November 2006 meeting.

Repair Issues – Major facility repair items were discussed. Items addressed included:
• There are several plumbing leaks from piping to/from the party room. The party room kitchen corner sink drain is apparently leaking into the main floor breezeway. In addition, there appears to be from a “dead-ended” pipe section in the overhead area. These repairs will require removal of the ceiling wallboard in the breezeway. As a result of discussions during the meeting, Kurt Karsten agreed to perform the plumbing repairs, and Jeff Bach and Grahame Rice will repair the dry wall areas impacted by the plumbing work.
• Replacement of the center doors to the party room was discussed. These doors were from the original Bay Ridge Inn structure. However, the doors have sagged, and do not have an adequate seal. Although it appears that the doors will require replacement, Kurt Karsten will undertake an effort to refurbish the doors and realign them to close properly.
• Maintenance of the main floor rest-room floors has been a continuing issue. The mats used in those spaces are difficult to keep clean, and make cleaning the floors more difficult. The material used by DRD at other pools has been identified. The installations were done last year, so the longevity of the coatings in actual practice is unknown. Annapolis Painting provided an estimate to do the coatings; however, they expressed some concern about whether the floors and rooms are dry enough to support the coatings. It was proposed that a test be conducted to determine how much moisture is present in the rooms.
• Jeff Bach noted that the bail on the seaward end of the parking lot gate (chain) has been reinstalled. He will attempt to get a base plate welded to the other post to support the winch. It was also noted that both padlocks (parking lot gate, pool gate) are hard to operate. It is presumed that they are suffering the effects of the weather. Paul Behrends agreed to replace the locks and put the existing combinations on the new locks.
• Grahame Rice noted that the new counter for the Pool House Party Room has been received. It is anticipated that the counter will be installed this week.
• It was noted that the Association continues to subscribe to Comcast Cable for TV use. However, none of the TVs at the Pool House function in receiving cable broadcasts. This condition has existed for at least 2 years. Kevin Cline moved, and Elizabeth Taylor seconded a motion to “Cancel the Comcast Cable contract for the pool house.” The motion was passed with a voice vote.

New Business

Member Support – Kevin Cline noted that the Board should consider providing some recognition to Mark Krawczewicz and Bob Robinson for their significant efforts in helping to maintain and improve BRPA facilities. Their efforts saved the Association in excess of $3,000. Specifically, Mark Krawczewicz completely refinished the party room floor and Bob Robinson built the replacement counter top for the party room. Both projects were undertaken with the only cost incurred being that for materials.

• Grahame Rice moved and Kevin Cline seconded a motion “In recognition of significant personal effort and a resulting significant saving to the BRPA, that the Association provide Mark Krawczewicz with an annual membership for the year 2006.” The motion was passed with a voice vote.

• Grahame Rice moved and Kevin Cline seconded a motion “In recognition of significant personal effort which resulted in a significant cost savings to the BRPA, the Association will provide a $200 tool gift certificate to Bob Robinson. The motion was passed with a voice vote.

Long Range Planning – Several issues of long range planning were discussed. These included:

• Kurt Karsten noted that we have not had a professional inspection of the pool and its equipment since installation. He proposed that it would be prudent to have the pool inspected by the builder to evaluate its current condition and identify possible problems that may need addressing in the future.
• Kevin Cline noted that the Board needs to recognize the need for building cash reserves to support future repairs. With the nature of the repairs shifting to major issues, it is no longer reasonable to expect all the repair and maintenance work to be done by member volunteers.

Meeting Schedule

The schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:
• Board Meeting – Tuesday, 29 November 2005.
• General Meeting – Monday, 14 November 2005.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary