October 5, 2010 Board Meeting

The meeting convened at 8:15 PM at the BRCA Marina Clubhouse. The President, Pam Jacobsen, chaired the meeting. Board Members present included: Pam Jacobsen, Bill Thomas, Grahame Rice, Sherrie Kelley, Kurt Karsten, Jeff Gilbert, Kathleen Randolph, Monica Mount, and Paul Behrends. A quorum was present to allow the board to transact business. Gin Behrends attended the meeting as an Adjunct member of the Board representing the Community Association. Bruce Reiter also attended as the representative of the Annapolis Cove Community.

Old Business: 
Reading of the Minutes – Reading of the minutes from the previous meeting was waived since the Board previously reviewed the minutes and they are posted on the BRPA web site.

Treasurer’s Report – Sherrie Kelley presented a report on the current financial status of the association. A copy of the report is attached. She noted that there is enough cash to cover to the end of the year. During the review of the report, the following points were addressed:

  • Sherrie Kelley noted that, while cash was available to cover the identified expenses for the rest of the year, the association was running an estimated $10, 000 deficit for the year. As a result of this deficit, the board intends to modify the budget by reducing known expenses and probably increasing annual dues to close the deficit.
  • It was noted that the annual budget needs to be adjusted to better match the existing income. Pam Jacobsen noted that the BRPA is facing several very high cost maintenance items such as:
    • Replacement of the pool water filter sand.
  • Emptying and refilling the pool.
  • Replacement of cover tie points.
  • Pam Jacobsen also noted there are several sizeable “routine” charges which need to be addressed, and hopefully, reduced.  This include
    • Land line telephone costs.  The charges seem extremely high.  Paul Behrends noted that the DRD contract calls for the telephone to have origination of long distance and  area code 900 calls blocks.
    • Power consumption by:
      • Window air-conditioners.  It is not clear if these units are really needed to supplant the installed central HVAC heat pump system.
      • Improperly adjusted central heat pump system.
      • Large charges for paper products (towels, etc.)  This line item should be mitigated with the installation of hot air hand dryers in the downstairs bathrooms.

Guest Fees – As previously discussed at the last meeting, Jeff Gilbert had proposed using a guest card with punch-out points for each guest brought to the pool.  At this meeting, Jeff Gilbert was asked by the board to provide a sample of his proposed punch card.   As discussed at this meeting:

  • The card would be color coded to indicate the level of membership involved.
  • The card would provide for the total number of guest visits by membership category.  These visits could be one at a time, or a full use in one visit or a very few visits.  When the card had been fully punched, the member would be able to purchase an additional card for his use.

Security Signs – Bill Thomas presented the list of proposed security signs as developed by Morgan Wells. To counter the continued unauthorized use of the parking lot, it was proposed that additional signage be installed stating that the parking lot is private property. Bill Thomas will add these signs to the list of planned security signs provided by Morgan Wells.
Motion:  Kurt Karsten moved that the full list of signs developed by Morgan Wells be procured and installed.  The motion was seconded by Bill Thomas and passed by a voice vote.

Pool and Facility Maintenance – Bill Thomas with assistance performed an extensive review of the facility to identify needed maintenance work.  The items on the resulting work list have been prioritized for either fall/winter accomplishment or spring accomplishment. Specific current actions include:

  • Accomplishment of the work items on the list for fall accomplishment will be on an independent basis.
  • The question of repairing or replacing the damaged diving board have been resolved. Costs to replace the board have been obtained. A proposed alternative would be the replacement of the diving board with a water slide. DRD priced the water slide installation at above $20,000: clearly above the budget level for the pool at this time.  Repair of the non-skid coating on the existing board is considered the best approach.  Kurt Karsten agreed to lead the effort in effecting those repairs.
  • Hot air hand dryers for the ground floor rest rooms have been installed.
  • Permanent repairs to the poolside pergola are underway. The sagging beam has been removed, and the crew is awaiting delivery of the replacement beam material.
  • Pam Jacobsen noted that BRPA and BRCA are in discussions on tree trimming and tree removal at the pool facility. Normally, these costs are shared between BRPA and BRCA. For the specific work currently planned, the BRPA share would be $370.
  • Pam Jacobsen noted that the party room needs more thorough cleaning. Paul Behrends stated that he is working the cleaning firm to obtain an estimate for periodic cleaning, not related to rental use.

New Business: 
Pool usage – The subject of increasing use of the pool facilities by members was discussed.  The proposals included:

  • Pam Jacobsen proposed:
  • BRPA sponsored individual/class swimming lessons for both children and adults. It was noted that DRD guards are already offering brief individual swimming lessons. This issue will be addressed again at the next meeting.
  • Have the BRPA sponsor Bingo nights for the members, as a fund-raiser.
  • Gin Behrends proposed the BRPA sponsor various exercise classes (Yoga, Tai Chi, water aerobics, etc.).  Unlike the current situation where the instructor rents the facility for their class the approach would be:
  • The classes would be supervised by the BRPA.
  • The instructor would be hired by BRPA at a fixed rate.
  • The class payments would be paid to BRPA.  The instructor would not pay room rent; that would be covered by BRPA.

The board requested that Gin prepare and provide a “business plan” for her proposal.  She agreed, and would provide a draft plan for the board’s consideration in the near future.

Meeting Schedule:
The official schedule for future meetings of the Pool Association and its Board of Directors includes:

  • General Meeting –Monday, 1 November at the BRCA Marina clubhouse.
  • Board Meeting – Tuesday 26 October at the BRPA Pool.

Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM.
Respectfully submitted:
Paul Behrends, Secretary