Welcome & Important Announcements


Come meet the new Bay Ridge site, we’re thrilled you’re here! Below lists a few important announcements and brief orientation to get you settled.

We worked to design an online destination that reflected Bay Ridge’s true essence as a community. By integrating a clean, modern framework, we strive to champion Bay Ridge’s natural beauty through imagery and a natural color palette. Our logo leverages a unique, handcrafted aesthetic that feels as honest and authentic as Bay Ridge itself.

Resident Profiles
We’re asking each resident to start by updating their personal information–name, address, email and whether or not they would like to receive email communications. You can find that here. This information will be used to display in the Resident Directory–an online version of the printed directory. You can choose what information is public to the community or not.

Important note: when you go to sign up–be sure to check your email “spam” or “trash” folders if you don’t receive any immediate notifications. It will be coming from “WordPress”.

Resident Directory
As mentioned above, each line item of your profile asks if you would like to “Hide from Public”. This enables you to decide what information you would like to share with the community only. This information is not public to any site visitor–only logged-in, pre-approved Bay Ridge residents will be able to view this information.

New Email Platform
This is very important to read. Previously, Bay Ridge utilized a more manual method where updates were sent to Diana Rode, who kindly passed that information on to all 500+ email addresses manually, through her personal email account. Very time-consuming. To streamline efforts, and to ensure that we have everyone’s most up-to-date email information, we’ve integrated a new system that’s integrated to this website. This will enable us to send out timely news updates in an efficient matter. And enables you to update your preferences at any time.

Email Opt-in.
At the bottom of the Resident Profile form be sure to tick the box to “Receive Email Updates”. This is what we’re migrating over to. We will be sending out a test email blast to you within the next few working days. Be sure to check your spam filter to ensure that you got it. When we deploy this email (Titled “New BRCA Email Test”), we will alert you (via regular email) so you can know to look for it. If you don’t get it, check your “spam” filters. If you still didn’t get it, let us know.

Take a tour of our photo gallery. Experience our calendar, we will be adding more dates as we get them. We’d love to hear from you, feel free to use our contact form if you’d like to pass along any thoughts for future enhancements!

Here’s a good place to get started, once you’re ready. Set up your resident profile here.

The BRCA Website Committee, Nov 2013