The mind-blowingness of it all.


You. You. You!

We sat in a warm Bay Ridge clubhouse one early summer evening and stared at each other. The big question was hovering above the table where we sat. The plots were surveyed. Each one was lovingly marked. The maps were made. Now: how to ensure that 80 households would actually adopt? This meant that roughly 1 in 4 Bay Ridge residences would need to adopt an acre of our woods.

The silence lasted only a few minutes. The ideas started percolating and within the hour, it was decided we would launch the Adopt-a-Plot program at the Jamboree, make some noise, and rely on the spirited nature of fellow Bay Ridgers to care. To inquire. To participate. We set our expectations to fill 40% of the plots at the event.

Bay Ridge! You rose the occasion with more enthusiasm than we could have imagined! The booth was hopping from 5 until well after 10 pm–and guess what? We filled 90% of the plots that very night. Boom! IMG_2956

This means incredible things for the future of Bay Ridge. A healthy woods means fresh air, a clean aquifer and healthier bay & more. (Not to mention how it buoyed the spirits of hard-working team leaders…more on the “making of” later, it’s really an amazing story).

Those of you who missed the Jamboree! A few plots remain! Fern Gully is “sold out”, but these are available:

Roads & Rails: 2, 4, 7, 8, 29
Highlands: 74, 84, 66

Grab them while you can! These will likely go quickly. Secure them by simply emailing:

New Adopters! A huge Hat Tip to you all! You should have your welcome packet by now (if not, let us know at Our first communication will hit your inboxes this week with the Fall 2015 Field Training and Demonstration days! We will hold two identical classes on two separate weekends, to accommodate busy adopters’ schedules.

– Adopt A Plot Woods Warriors

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