4th of July: be a hero!

A special plea is in order. Ready? ron_B

Imagine this: its Thursday. You’ve finally wrapped up the work-week. You’re thirsty. You’re ready to switch gears for some fun, festive fourthy-ness with your neighbors.

Here’s what you do: come on down to River Drive and help us set up for the 4th! We need lots of hands–if we all pitch in together, this will be fun and speedy.

[…and do you know that only 3 folks showed up to set up for the beach party? ouch! that’s embarrassing.]

Let’s step up, BR! And now there’s a second opportunity to be a hero. Tear down. Let’s face it, the 4th is always a scorcher, and everyone is always tired after a great day of fun in the sun. Even though a retreat to the coolness of home for a break before the fireworks is the logical choice for preserving longevity into the evening, stay the extra 45 minutes and help to get everything returned to its rightful place. We will get you home with plenty of time to recharge your battery. This is a necessary and fun annual ritual ritual that serves as the bookend of activity that makes this whole great day come together.

Please hit Kevin Cline back with your availability and willingness to participate on both sides: set up on July 3 and/or tear-down on July 4. His e-mail is kevin@cmandps.com or you can sign up online through this form! Easy.

  • Thursday July 3rd Set-up: 6:00 PM, River Beach (cold Bev for all over the age of 21)
  • Friday July 4th Teardown: 3:30 PM, River Beach (do you really want any more prior to your nap???)



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