Lowland plots lie outside the contiguous woodlands and are scattered throughout the more developed parts of Bay Ridge. They arise from parcels that were never sold by Bay Ridge Properties, Inc. and so were conveyed with the rest of the wooded lands to BRCA in 2002.

Most Lowland plots are well populated with tulip popular, sweetgum, and boxelder, with also sycamore and red mulberry, American holly, spicebush, and wineberry. Some areas, in particular Plots numbered 98 through 101, are denser than others, making passage difficult. Plots 92 through 96 require minimal work.  Vines should be prevented from harming trees, but the County considers the first 100 feet from the water Habitat Protection Area, and no forest maintenance activities can be performed there unless approved by a special Buffer Management Plan (BMP) issued by the County.

As of March 18, 2019, all plots in the “Lowlands” have been adopted.

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